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  1. no164ford

    Overdrive pulley 5% to !0% noticeable change?

    Do a 10% jackshaft or crank pulley to help avoid belt slip and you will notice a difference
  2. no164ford

    Few Fall Pics

    Sweet ride. I have always loved white 94-95's someday I'll find one.
  3. no164ford

    Dirty Dog Performance

    I think he got 4 consecutive 6 year sentences for 4 counts of robbery
  4. no164ford

    I'm Back

    I live in central PA also, I ended up buying Gary Kunn's red 92 SC a few years back. Welcome back. Paul
  5. no164ford

    Facelift finally finished!

    Love it! Nice work
  6. no164ford

    here is one for you all

    Wow lol! I can't believe I clicked on this lol.
  7. no164ford

    A1000 Fuel Pump - Never used

    I run one on the T-bird, and the Lightning for years. No problems love them
  8. no164ford

    Jeff's 3.8 and 4.2 Projects.

    Nice work!!!!
  9. no164ford

    What's your biggest ever "screw up" while working on your SC?

    Been there and done that lol
  10. no164ford

    What other cars do you own?

    �� My wife loves the Challenger I told her if we get one it would have to be a hellcat. She is not ready to give up the AWD SHO we live in central PA so RWD is only good for 6-8 months and we have 3 of them. Kinda interested to see what the new gt500 has to offer.
  11. no164ford

    How fast?

    High 150's and I got scared lol. 127 1/4 mile traps
  12. no164ford

    What other cars do you own?

    1990 SC highly modified 1995 Lincoln Mark VIII slightly modified 1995 F150 Lightning highly modified 2015 SHO tuned with a few mods (this could be my all-time favorite car) 2017 F150 Raptor lightning blue tuned cai I have photos of all of them nut for some reason I can't load them?
  13. no164ford

    Dyno video from Shootout

    What rpms are you trying to reach?
  14. no164ford

    Dyno video from Shootout

    Glad to hear your pinning it down. I'm running close to 10:1 compression and 24ish # boost probably why the car seems to like the tighter gap on the plugs. I have tried several alt myself and best so far is 6g but I keep ruining them, one on it now is brand new and I put a under drive pulley on...
  15. no164ford

    Dyno video from Shootout

    I will look into that alternator, the SC project is on the sidelines for a bit me and the daughter have been working on restoring a truck for her the last year and a half. I do know at that time I was looking into a alt setup from a late model 5.0 Mustang you can rev them way high and don't...
  16. no164ford

    Dyno video from Shootout

    Dave I kept having that probblem years ago around 5,500 rpm. First thing took out the screaming demon coil pack put the factory one with probably 170k on it that helped I think I could get up to 6k rpm before it started misfire. Tried every spark plug you can think of the iridium made it way...
  17. no164ford

    Out of Over 400 Cars, My SC makes the TOP 5 Editors Pick

    That's really cool! Congrats! Nice looking SC by the way
  18. no164ford

    Seen 2 SC's in the same day.

    Took the kids on a small trip Saturday south of Pittsburgh PA. Saw a white 94-94, then a while later saw a red 94-95 SC both were on the highway. It's rare for me to see 1 or 2 SC's around in PA per year let alone 2 in one day.
  19. no164ford

    Drag Brakes

    I'm planning on running the Wilwood's, but I got fox body style setup.
  20. no164ford

    Please vote for my car!!

    You got my vote!