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    Good evening My go-to scanner is the OTC model # 3211 ODD I & II scan tool. I have use this scanner many times to not only pull codes but see updated live data. Excellent features and function unit. Have used OTC # 3211 scanner on 1989 LX, 1990 - 1993 SC. If you are in the a emission test...
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    Possible coolant hose malfunction on the intake side?

    Factory service manuals.
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    Going to look at 91 auto LSD in morning
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    Crank and sputter but no start

    Good afternoon 157 - Mass airflow sensor fault. Low voltage. 158 - mass airflow sensor fault. High voltage. The EEC has not received a MAF sensor readings. Power and signal are out of limits . Check the connector connector for damage, corrosion and or security. A voltage test might be in...
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    Crank and sputter but no start

    Good afternoon Check the condition of the DIS harness. Years of exposed wiring, and pulling/twisting at the connectors will cause intermittent signals to DIS/EEC. Check the clearance between the DIS harness and the supercharger belt. I used the EVTM to find a 1991 and 1992 DIS harness...
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    ABS Accumulator

    Good evening Test step 12-32, page 105 Test step D2b. Do not apply power.
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    ABS Accumulator

    Good evening With everything connected does the pump run more than 60 seconds and both the Anti-Lock and Brake warning light on? If so the replacement pump (salvage yard if I understand post #19 ) may be suspect. Check Pump for amp draw over 25. Connect clamp amp/voltage meter to battery...
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    No start - Injectors won't fire

    Good afternoon Is the ignition switch serviceable (not separated)? Attempt engine start with starting fluid. If successful suspect/inspect engine fuel system. May have to have the rear of the car elevated and supported for the next step. Have someone take a mallet and continually...
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    95 sc stall when gets up to temp help!

    Good morning As KMT stated get codes. Is the EEC stock or chipped? Is the Cam shaft sensor connector harness rubbing against the supercharger belt? Is there any harmonic balancer pulley wobble while running? Any visual damage to the Crank sensor harness? Get a fuel pressure gauge and...
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    Fuel line confusion

    Good afternoon You can use this article as a visual guide.
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    Overdrive issue

    Good evening Problem could be a broken 4r70w overdrive servo snap ring. Has the transmission been serviced recently?
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    Hydroboost to Conventional brake conversion

    Good evening Have you used search on this subject?
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    1991 SC brake booster seems to charge a lot

    Good morning Another area to suspect is the teves ii reservoir to pump hose. Due to time and heat cycles the original hose badly cracks internally causing leaking. A good indicator is evidence of brake fluid on the firewall and proportional valve...
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    Alllllllmost there

    Good morning Separate the steering column cover (attached with three screws) and check the following: Ignition switch half's separation. Ignition switch connector for security of tabs and wire terminals.
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    94 SC

    Good evening From past posts on long term storage and attempting an engine start problem(s) are in general identified to the following subjects: Power/Ignition. Fuel/Fuel Pump/Filter. Fuel Injectors. EEC. Grounds. Here is an informative and very entertaining recording of such an event...
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    Intermittent horn honking

    Good evening As Dough H stated suspect the alarm module. Troubleshot a 1993 auto with a issue similar to yours advancing to the point of horn/light flashing event. Replaced module to fix problem. Note. I opened the original module to find the circuit card lightly covered with dust. Open...
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    Lost my key in the local river. What’s my best bet?

    Good morning If the dealer is unsuccessful I suggest getting a Motor Craft ignition lock. Comes with keys. Ask your locksmith if it is possible for you to remove the door lock cylinder and bring it to their...
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    How to test steering evo

    Good afternoon Without the year specific factory service manual (1993 Thunderbird/Cougar specifically group 11-02-15 Diagnosis and Testing) and EVTM you will be in "cannon parts fodder" zone with one or more of the following components: Primary junction box. Secondary Junction box...
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    Suspension Popping sound

    Good afternoon Did you replace the sway bar bushings along with the sway bark links? If you just changed the strut only suspect the strut mounts/bump stops. This does not apply to quick strut assembly. Check the...
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    Instrument cluster compatibility

    Good afternoon You can verify with the connector face/ pin out charts Thunderbird/Cougar EVTM 1992 - 1993. See attachment below.