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    Still around. Life is busy and the Bird has been sitting. Just yesterday I decided to get it out and run it only to find the windshield was cracked and needs replaced. Getting that done this afternoon. Drove it to work, but it seems to have a vac leak. Been working on getting the 68 Camaro...
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    1989 SC part out, body, interior, chassis

    Where in WI are you? IA here and looking for a good headliner and visors assuming its a full roof. No moonroof.
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    1989 SC for sale from Original Owner

    Jamie, I have one that the hole on the bottom was made a bit larger if you are interested let me know. This car's location and color is what's keeping me away. Any color but red.
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    1989 SC For Sale

    Location? home of the whopper doesn't help us Mc D fans.
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    project car or fully loaded aftermarket parts car

    Price and pictures would be very helpful.
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    Cold Air Intakes - Anything New?

    I have an old MP I started to modify for mine, but stopped. I can take some pics tonight if anyone is interested. All that happened was I started to grind out to make the hole bigger going down into the fender, but stopped as modification was done to the fender itself and the divider was no...
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    4.2 long block and performance parts

    Derek, Do you still have the EEC? A9U2? You can hit me up on FB if you want to get me quicker.
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    89-93 Fuel Rail

    In need of a good clips and straight rails fuel rail. Please let me know total shipped to 50021.
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    Anniv SC at a Dealer in Seattle/Lynnwood

    What rims are those? To bad it doesnt have the Anny Rims.
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    89-91 Wiper Cowls

    He wants us to bid against each other. Causing us to lose and him to win. I start the bidding at $1.
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    1994 Super Coupe w/ nice modifications and low mileage

    Think it can be driven back to Iowa? Not the Power Tour, but just driven back?
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    Clutch and Brake pedal

    Helps if a picture of the clutch pedal post can be taken and posted.
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    KAMS not matching

    The car hadnt been run in over a week. The updated tune was loaded and then the KAMs cleared. I clear the KAMS at least 3 times up to 6 before starting the car. It is a new tune from Dave. I will try installing the old tune and see what the KAMs read. New smoke machine has been ordered...
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    KAMS not matching

    I did a smoke test and I took it to an exhaust shop that is extremely dependable. I do have a gasket so, I will probably end up putting it on there and hoping for the best.
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    KAMS not matching

    If you have an early model fuel rail for sale let me know total shipped to 50021. Thank you!
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    KAMS not matching

    I am at the breaking point. Last fall it was reading similar and I swapped it to a 95mm TB and a slot maf and it read 1.0 and 1.0. I pulled plugs to verify they weren't flooded and now it's back to .793 and 1.0. Swapped 02s and no change. Tapped the fuel rail and checked for an exhaust...
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    Chevy's JD Power Awards

    Raffi Festekjian, J. D. Power’s director of automotive product research, explains that the IQS was designed to capture “things gone wrong” with a vehicle. Each one is called a “problem,” and it can be “either a fault in the assembly of the vehicle or a design issue.” A fault might be a poorly...
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    Various parts, Cervini hood, SC seats, 90SC partout

    I am too far away to pick the seats up, but if you are interested in removing the covers and shipping them please let me know.
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    holy cow we all better run and hide..

    I chuckle as the kids today dont remember the original Dodge Demon.
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    89SC for sale

    $1. :-) Since there aren't any other offers posted.