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    Trouble Passing Emissions

    High HC lead me to think either Vacuum leak or bad O2 sensor though FPR is possible. I've had O2 sensors fail within range and not through code.
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    Top Collar Nut Removal -- SOLVED!

    I now just remove as a unit, and have add studs, for the top, to the blower.
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    holy cow we all better run and hide..

    From the article I read the HP is only achieve with the extra parts you get-that are not installed at the factory. So the way I'd see it is you pay the premium to buy then pay again to get the goodies installed.
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    My new trailer

    Just speaking as a former local. But ya Saturday is usually ok.
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    My new trailer

    I would have thought that I-55 to US 78 (I-22) would have been faster from ST Louis. But ya you must consider your time when heading in ATL, only have a couple hour window in the morning and afternoon to avoid rush hours.
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    89 octane or 93

    Well if your looking to save money on fuel why would you be doing WOT anyway. So IMO without the blower you just have a N/A 3.8 with 8.2:1 instead of 9:1. Now the question would be how the factory spark curves compare.
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    89 octane or 93

    Yes if you take the blower belt off.
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    Got my Damage Estimates

    Seems high to me too, but I know a couple guys on this side of the state.
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    89 SC extreme weather test could have gone better.

    SC and IRS not an issue with my car. Thanks to the Trac-Loc actually performs better than any of my other cars (5.0 MN-12 and 94 GM), even with being lowered 1.5". Thing to note is to keep it under 2500 RPM.
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    90 AOD 1-2 shift slip when cold other shifts VERY good

    My E4OD also is very finicky about fluid level as little as a pint down will do the same thing, but fluid level and condition are always the first things to check.
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    3.8 to 4.2 stroker

    From what I've read the block is fine, rotating assembly is a no.
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    3.8 to 4.2 stroker

    Would it be possible to keep a 4.2SC under 300hp? I know it wouldn't be practical.
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    AODE with manual VB?

    It is minimal once you lose the DIS, ARC, IRCM, ABS, and SATC
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    AODE with manual VB?

    While I didn't get the 4R70w gear set my internals surpass stock 4Rs. A 4R70w is just a computer controlled AOD, one has no distinct advantage over the other.
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    Rear LCA Bolts

    Heat is your friend, even a butane torch will work.
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    AODE with manual VB?

    If you want a AODE get a 4R70w. You can put AODE/4R70w internals in an AOD. Though yes a Manual VB will defeat the auto shifts but not the TC clutch engagement.
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    IC Tubing

    I just remove the hat and tube as an assembly.
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    AOD Mods?

    No, the 4R70w TC has a clutch that the computer controls the AOD is purely hydraulic. This is the only thing you can't get with a AOD, and the only thing different form AODs like mine and Jacobs. A built AOD now is internally a 4R70 with certain aftermarket parts like a 300M input shaft, and...
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    AOD Mods?

    For an apples to apples comparison all I listed is still needed, or its like say a used car is cheaper than a new car.
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    AOD Mods?

    A V6 4R that can take a SC torque delivery or even a HO 5.0? My setup cost me ~$1800 and I have a Lifetime Warranty. So figure $800 for controller, $350 for core, another $200 for rebuild kit, plus convertor or drive shaft modifications; and you still don't have the same level of components I...