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    Proud new owner of a 1990 35th anniversary 5 speed

    Man that thing is sick nasty I can't wait to get my 90SC 35th up and going I have so many of them for projects including a 1966 with the Fatman steering wheel that moves to the center of the dash
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    Greetings from the UK! 1990 3.8SC

    Hey big hoss dont rip down that 93 its extremely rare for its body if a new set of heads and parts is what youre after hmu I have tons of spares ps Mexican made lx models used SC parts i.e headers, heads, pancake style master cylinder etc
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    Valve lash lets talk about it

    I got the lash figured out thanks guys so on the 1993 3.8 N/SC they have automatic valve lash adjustment all you have to do is your torque specs/torque angle and set preload values then the engine sets your lash for you crazy huh
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    Valve lash lets talk about it

    So I'm working on my 93 3.8l lx and ive got it all back together and firing but its rough and I'm hearing a tick ive come to the conclusion that its gotta be my valve lash right? So now im adjusting rockers cept there's a solid bolt for the factory rocker arm that isn't polylocke so how do I...
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    93 diagrams for SC and lx models please and thank you all.

    Thank you I appreciate that man
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    93 diagrams for SC and lx models please and thank you all.

    93 diagrams for SC and lx any and everything yoy got please but mainly and most importantly vacuum line diagrams for this year even engine may pict and any others as well just please add detail as to what the picture is specific to id greatly appreciate it im rebuilding my 93 lx and restoring...