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    WTB: head light harness

    Hello all, daytime headlight not working properly, better to just replace the harness. need harness for 89 - 93 thunderbird sc.
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    WTB: front end for 93 Tbird sc.

    hello all, i got minor front end damage earliar this Month, now planing to fix it and paint whole car. If anyone got these parts let me know. 1. LH/RH front fender. 2. LH/RH front bumper cover shield assy. 3. front bumper assy and isolator. 4. front bumper cover. 5. Hood. 6. plastic grill...
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    WTB: wire harness.

    Hello all, i'm in need of rear tail light harness for 93 Tbird sc. one side of tail light not working properly, trying fix it can't get the replacement terminal.
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    WTB: starter solenoid

    Want to buy 2 starter solenoid, 1 spare and 1 on the car. Thanks...
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    Any1 got L/H Mirror assy in color code WH. Thanks.
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    WTB these parts

    1. oil cooler outlet host. 2. negative and positive battery calbe. 3. battery post. 4. battery hold downass. Thanks, Bob.
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    belt tension assy

    Hi all, i got 2 MP tensioner spring need help instilled, like to know if any1 done this before. Thanks.
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    1993 Ford Thunderbird

    If they run out of rooms here are some more options close by: Lane motel Best western french lick
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    1993 Ford Thunderbird

    Yes, $5 + shipping.
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    93 motor sc

    I'm looking for motor, any1 with engine can arrange transport let me know.
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    WTB Engine

    any1 got low mile engine for 93 Tbird ship to Ontario, Canada. Thanks.
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    front speaker cover!

    any one got speaker cover for sale?
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    WTB: Parts for 93 Tbird SC!

    Any 1 got RH door switch housing and a door striker, the seller must got both item.
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    WTB: pigtail connector.

    I needed a pigtail connector for the fog light switch. Thanks. Bob.
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    WTB: pigtail connector.

    I needed a pigtail connector for the fog light switch. Thanks. Bob
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    Engine start!

    :o Last week took car to get engine wash... don't know why the engine was turn off, but later couldn't get car to start...i crank engine for 30 min with no luck. Can any one tell me what to do before an engine wash? Bob.
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    WTB: electrical parts for 93 Tbird SC.

    Need a miror controller and left and right seat controller.
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    WTB: AC Compresser

    I need ac compresser for 93 tbird sc. Take the car to get ac recharge, the guy said pressure relief valve is missing.