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    The journey from 1999 to 2018.

    awsome car... im a 20 year sc owner myself, i wish i had the ability to turn my 93 into something like what you have, this car has always been one of my favorites on sccoa
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    93 sc dilemma

    update well i have an update on my car... i found a mechanic who used to have an sc and knows these cars, im going to have him do the timing cover, rear main seal, and oil pan gasket, i will be supplying all the parts from bill at scp.. all 3 dis sensors- new balancer bolt/washer for bhj...
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    93 sc dilemma

    thanks for the response guys, you all had some very valid points that i have to consider, some things i forgot to mention in my first post, on top of the timing cover leaking the oil pan and rear main are leaking as well, so the tranny has to come out anyways, some things i have going in my...
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    93 sc dilemma

    well the timing cover on my sc is leaking oil and coolant and im not quite sure what to do, im considering just getting a new long block from bill at scp because i cant justify paying my mechanic a lot of money to replace the timing cover on a high mileage motor 126000, now some of you might say...
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    rear tail lamps 93

    got it! thanks man i kinda feel like an idiot rite in front of me, looks a lot better now
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    rear tail lamps 93

    the passenger side led lights are burned out on my sc and rather than going through the hassle of repairing them i was going to unplug them, but i cant seem to find the connector. did a search and couldnt find anything, can somebody point me in the right direction?
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    spark plug ?

    my 93 sc has recently developed a miss under boost, so im going to do plugs and wires, i ordered some taylor wires from summit racing but not sure about plugs i know most people use the autolite double platinum app5144 or motorcraft double plat. my current mods are ported early model sc and 5%...
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    tire size 17x9 rims

    so i just ordered a set of cobra r rims from bill at scp, can anybody point me in the right direction as to what size tires i should get? i did a search and came up with 245/45/17 for the front and 275/40/17 for the rear, i made the mistake of once running 245,s in the rear on a 17x7 rim and it...
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    Low water temp?

    i remember my 93 sc had the same problem, i got it with low miles (33000) i replaced the temp sender and that didnt solve it, so i got a aftermarket mechanical temp. guage and called it a day, by the way i remember seeing this car in autabuy magazine it had 11000 miles on it !!!! i didnt really...
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    figured out how to post pics

    nice looking sc, im in northern ct where in ct are you located? those are stock seats by the way, the tweed vinyl combo was a very nice option to have, i wish i had those in my 93.
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    Cleaned up the bird before I put it away (pics)

    very nice sc by the way :D
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    Cleaned up the bird before I put it away (pics)

    couldnt agree with you more, im taking my 93 off the road soon also ,i got a nice beater a 94 tbird lx for the winter.
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    Cracked Dash....

    my way of fixing this problem was getting a dash cap from spinning wheels, both of my supercoupes cracked in the exact same area, right above the instrument cluster :mad: as far as shipping goes mine came without any issues, however it wasnt exactly a good fit i had to file down the area where...
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    Any teal cars with silver rear bumper letter stickers?

    thanks for the replies, those stainless steel ones look nice, my 93 is white not sure if i should look for the black ones or go with the silver, any opinions?
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    Any teal cars with silver rear bumper letter stickers?

    i have been looking for a set of these for my car, where can you get these ?
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    Just bought a 1990 SC, looking forward to driving it.

    congrats on getting a supercoupe :cool: im sure you will love it as much as your sho. as far as your abs woes it could be a bad accumalator ball. the earlier abs systems were not that good, they were updated in 93 + models. also whats the mileage? 1500 sounds like a good price
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    lambo at work

    pretty cool pic... now you can say you had your sc parked next to a lamborgini :D i have only seen a lambo up close once in montreal. if i remember correctly it was lime green. very cool cars....
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    Hot No restart

    have you tried cleaning the mounting bracket for the icm and putting a new layer of heatsink compound ?
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    Thunderbird SC Shop

    just received the ircm for my 93 i ordered from ryan, came well packed and on time. will definitely order from him again.
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    Any new info on brake switch source, or good way to plug the leaking brake switch?

    i ordered one from bill at sc performance a couple years ago he might still have some left.