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    93 sc dilemma

    well the timing cover on my sc is leaking oil and coolant and im not quite sure what to do, im considering just getting a new long block from bill at scp because i cant justify paying my mechanic a lot of money to replace the timing cover on a high mileage motor 126000, now some of you might say...
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    rear tail lamps 93

    the passenger side led lights are burned out on my sc and rather than going through the hassle of repairing them i was going to unplug them, but i cant seem to find the connector. did a search and couldnt find anything, can somebody point me in the right direction?
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    spark plug ?

    my 93 sc has recently developed a miss under boost, so im going to do plugs and wires, i ordered some taylor wires from summit racing but not sure about plugs i know most people use the autolite double platinum app5144 or motorcraft double plat. my current mods are ported early model sc and 5%...
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    tire size 17x9 rims

    so i just ordered a set of cobra r rims from bill at scp, can anybody point me in the right direction as to what size tires i should get? i did a search and came up with 245/45/17 for the front and 275/40/17 for the rear, i made the mistake of once running 245,s in the rear on a 17x7 rim and it...
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    stalling sc

    so i noticed my fan wasnt coming on my 93 sc, i pulled the connector on the etc sensor, fan comes on and get a cel. plug it back in and turn off the motor. ok i was right in thinking i need a working ircm,, put it on the list of what my car needs. here is where it gets interesting, start her up...
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    electronic climate control problem

    the climate control in my 93 is shot. it just blows out cold air. did the self diagnosis and gives codes e2 and e7. the last time this happened, back in dec. it was for a week and the heat came back on. now it hasnt worked in a couple weeks. so my ? is how do you pull the unit out
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    balancer ?

    has anyone had one of the bolts for the harmonic balancer pulley break off? i believe there are four bolts correct, my mechanic said he could drill out the old bolt and rethread it. my question is will this damage the balancer? it is a (bhj)
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    bouncy tach.

    as the title says i have been having problems with a poor idle on my sc. im getting the bouncy tach between 700 and 900 rpms upon start up. i unplugged the cam sensor and started her up after a few tries and the tach dropped to zero and the engine light came on and i could still hear the car...
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    electronic climate control problem

    a couple of days ago i unhooked the battery on my car to clean the grounds, cleaned everything up hooked up the battery but did not drive it. go to drive it today and i just get cold air out of the vents and heater, performed the electronic climate control self test and got codes e2 and e7, i...
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    vacum ?

    what is the normal amount of vacum our cars should be pulling ? assuming it is a good running motor with no vac. leaks. im getting about 19 inch. in park and about 16-17 inch. when in drive. this is at normal operating temp. 185-190. im suspecting my lower ic tube is the culprit. as i have gone...
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    led ?

    i realized last night that my led lights are burned out on my 93. and it looks awful. can anyone tell me where the electrical connector is so i can just unplug them. i looked around but couldnt find it :confused:
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    has anyone used aircraft remover ? i plan on refinishing my factory wheels. last fall i spray painted them without sanding and primer. now they are flaking. i know powdercoating is the way to go but is not in the budget.
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    radiator hose

    i noticed yesterday my upper rad. hose was collapsed, time for new hoses, i just want to know what brand is a good choice. if it even matters, rock auto has gates, goodyear , dayco pretty cheap. i cant even remember the last time i changed the rad. hoses. i think rule of thumb they should be...
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    iac valve

    i have been having a strange start issue with my sc lately, cranks fine but the tach. will go to about 2000- 2500 rpm upon start up then level out, mostly on a warm engine. could this be a symptom of a bad iac ?
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    seat belt track

    ? what does everyone use for lubrication on the track for the automated seat belts on the early model cars. mine makes a whole lot of noise
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    gas pedal

    i have been having a problem with the gas pedal sticking on my 93 sc lately. say im at a light i go to give it gas and i really have to use some force to get it loose. it doesnt happen all the time, once in a while. first thing i did was check the the throttle linkage and it looks ok. i sprayed...
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    a while back i posted that i was getting some pinging with my 93 sc. and it was suggested that i put my stock maf on , as i was running a 76 mm c/l , anyways i hadnt noticed any pinging until yesterday i had to pass a tractor trailer to get off my exit and noticed it bigtime. now this has me a...
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    my sc still has a bit of a pinging issue, i notice it when it warms up to around 190-200. i can hear it when i go part throttle when i go into boost. i always use shell 93 octane, cats are not plugged , as far as i know. i do have a c/l 76mm mass air flow. im thinking about putting the stock...
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    exhaust manifold ?

    my 93 sc is in the shop getting new headgaskets . my mechanic has a set of exhaust manifold gaskets made by victor reinz . he told me he doesnt want to use them because they are to flimsy and wouldnt last. has anybody used these? should i get fel pro instead?
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    head gasket ?

    i think i blew the head gasket in my 93 sc. here is what happened i was driving on the highway. real hot and humid day in ct saturday i passed my friend. he calls and tells me there is white smoke pouring out of the tailpipes. i look at my mech. temp guage it was right around 225- 230 i pull...