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    Interior Rearview Mirror / Tach Gauge

    I have a 1990 SC and I need to replace my interior rearview mirror but my car has the auto headlight stuff which requires a special bracket piece on the mirror attachment shaft. mine has the map lights on it and I would like to keep it original without having to make or modify some aftermarket...
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    Supercharger Fluid

    Fraser, Ford maybe senthetic and GM not but both oils are used in the same supercharger and my buddy who has been a GM tech several years hasn't seen any of these superchargers fail because of the oil so why spend the rediculas price that Ford wants for their oil. I am kind of surprised that...
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    Pics of paint job progress

    Man that paint job turned out really nice, I have a 1990 SC that looks just like yours in pre paint condition and you have certainly inspired me to get off my butt and get working on mine. I really like that brite white that you used because i had thought about going with that pearl white paint...
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    Supercharger Fluid

    Why are you switching to Amsoil? you can get the super charger oil from almost any GM dealer for about $10.00 or so per 4oz bottle and it takes 2 for a complete drain and refill ( although the Ford and GM oil smells rancid ) The Ford and GM oil is the exact same it's just that Ford is more proud...
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    IRCM question

    Ircm/ccrm Here is what I have found regarding the IRCM/CCRM through the SCCoA forum. IRCM,CCRM Also known as Integrated Control Relay Module, or Constant Control Relay Module. This is the box in front of your passenger headlight that controls the A/C, Fuel pump and cooling fan. These units...
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    Cat Question

    cat question Good exhaust information here and I have a related cat question for you super SC guys. I have a 1990 SC w/auto trans and it has two loud rattling cats and I was wondering if I could do away with the down pipe cats and install one larger cat between the Y and the resonator ? I just...
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    Beaumont chapters anyone?

    Super Coupe Club of the Gulf Coast
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    Monroe Quick Strut works?

    ARC opinions... Thanks for the information and I paid specific attention to how the car rides with or without the switch on and when driving on a rough road on the way home I did notice a difference so to my most happy surprise my ARC system still works after 204,000 miles I guess Ford...
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    Monroe Quick Strut works?

    ARC opinions... I have a question regarding the ARC system because I no longer have the Antilock brake system and from reading different post on brake conversions and such I am a little confused ( not unusual ) about the ARC working or not working without the antilock brake system removed and I...
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    Fuel and spark but no start

    Make sure to check all your grounds, I have seen this on a mustang a buddy had and it was a bad ground for the EEC / Injector harness, just a suggestion.
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    Question for you guys on tach droping off and enigne light

    Tach dropping off I have a 1990 SC with an auto trans and my tach has the same issues as kendall221 with the check engine light never coming on and the car always runs good, I did remove the cluster and replace a couple of bulbs and since the factory Antilock brake system was replaced with a...
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    95 sc cluster mileage....

    Just wondering if the previous owner had installed a 1991 cluster and it shows 71,000 on it how do you know that is the correct mileage to your car?
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    Local Houston area I know the post was from 2009 but is anybody still SCer's in the Houston , Galveston area's I now have a 1990 SC and would like to meet and talk to others in my area. give an email shout..
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    My new front mount (pics)

    EVO VIII intercooler At the risk of sounding stupid I am new to the SC world (happy to be here) What is the EVO VIII Intercooler and where can I find one because the way that this one was done looks like it would work very efficient, using this I/C can you keep the A/C condensor? I live in...
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    Just bought my 1st sc..couple issues

    I too recently picked up my first Thunderbird SC a 1990 ( first ford in years actually ). My S/C has 202,000 on it but I know about the car because I purchased it from the original owner and he had replaced the trans, many sensors and such and he had a shop replace the antilock brake assembly...
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    Membership dues issues

    I am waiting to become a new member and was wondering how much longer you thought it might be until folks can become new members. This is the absolute best website for SC information I have ever seen. You guy's really have your stuff together with knowing what you are talking about. Can't wait...
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    ABS switched to regular vacuum brakes

    Thanks, I appreciate the feed back and I haven't done much on forums but I did finally learn to look back at other threads that pretty much covered my questions as well so I am sorry fellas because I am sure that you guy's that are on here all the time were going " dude wake up and read other...
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    Brake conversion?

    I just got off the phone with the Prior Reman folks and was quoted $770.00 and they will have to rebuild my unit, just FYI
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    ABS switched to regular vacuum brakes

    My 1990 SC had the antilock brake system that of course was bad after the care setup for 4 plus years anyway the original owner that I purchased it from had pulled off the ABS unit and put on the vacuum booster and mc on it. Every time I apply the brakes without slowly applying pressure to the...
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    1990 SC Rear Main Seal R & R

    Can anybody tell me if you can R & R the 3.8 SC motor's rear main seal without dropping the fuel tank? and it the 1990 3.8 a one peice push in seal?. I got this car after it setup for 4 or 5 years and I have too much invested to back out now but everytime I fix one thing another screws up but it...