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  1. Tim Groth

    All Ford Nationals 2021 - our montage of events

    Per Royer's YouTube comments he says I need to post links to these on the forums. Main goal is to give some attention to these great cars and make sure the Thunderbird SC holds some real estate over on YouTube. Day 1 of the Show: Day 2 of the Show: Have more to come...if you all have...
  2. Tim Groth

    Jackshaft brackets and various parts

    Cleaning the garage. Stuff will likely see the dump in no interested buyers. 4 89-93 Jackshaft brackets 1 94-95 Jackshaft bracket 2 power steering brackets 3 89-93 intake plenum w throttle bodies 2 rear plenum. 2 power steering pulleys. Make offers need it gone. Thanks -Tim
  3. Tim Groth

    Aftermarket Carpet Help.

    Buying a new carpet for this 1995 SC with Opal interior. Apparently there is a back order on Opal colored carpet so I was sent the different options to change the order or ride it out. Anyone know the next closest match. Here are the swatches I was sent. I'm trying to get this car into nice...
  4. Tim Groth

    2019 Hot Rod Power Tour

    Any one doing the HRPT this year? I plan to do the first 2 or 3 legs since they're close enough to me. If anyone else near by wants to caravan in let me know. June 8 - Concord, NC June 9 - Martinsville, VA June 10 - Bristol, TN June 11 - Sparta, KY June 12 - Indianapolis, IN June 13 - Fort...
  5. Tim Groth

    1997 Thunderbird Cougar Cluster/Radio/Shifter Bezels

    Pulled some trims at Pick n Save from a 97 Cougar. They're tanish/brown in color not sure the actual color code for the interior. All mounting points are present (except the ones pictured). IM if interested, otherwise they'll be going on ebay. -Tim
  6. Tim Groth

    Carlisle 2019 Headcount

    Who's in? I just booked an Airbnb for the wife kids and I...Friday arrival Sunday departure. -Tim
  7. Tim Groth

    How many volts at the A/C Compressor?

    Trying to button up a few of the last items on my 1995 SC, that weren't finished before the Hot Rod Power Tour. AC components were added back to this car after running with the systems fully removed for 3 years. Wife won't ride with me till they work, so trying to get systems on board. AC...
  8. Tim Groth

    MP FMIC w/ Air Conditioning - best fan setup?

    Need some suggestions from those who have already pioneered the MP FMIC, I need to know the best options for cooling and keeping IATs as low as possible. Please keep in mind I intend to keep the A/C on the car - this was added back at my wife's request so removal is not negotiable. Car...
  9. Tim Groth

    Aluminum spare

    No longer have thunderbird bolt pattern... not sure what it's worth .. $50 plus actual shipping? I'll post pictures tomorrow or can send via text or email. Free delivery to Carlisle All Ford Nationals in a few weeks also. -Tim
  10. Tim Groth

    Carlisle Show Field Winners - 2017

    Congrats guys! -Tim
  11. Tim Groth

    The revamp of my 1995 SC

    As some know, my Pearl 95 SC has been down since the big Carlisle 2015 Thunderbird Anny gathering. My trip to and from was nerve racking as the car developed issues (now traced to a melted wiring harnesses), entire trip the car ran with hesitation and was at that time I decided the...
  12. Tim Groth

    Polished MPX w/ 5% pulley - SOLD PLEASE DELETE

    Picked this up off the boards 10/2014 - for $1250 shipped... also came with a Jaybird chip (ad says QH but it was a Jaybird) and a SCP 5% pulley. Original ad: This MPX was...
  13. Tim Groth

    Front Mount IC and Universal Griffin Radiator

    Ran this setup for the last 2 years on my car - worked very effectively in keeping the IC temps cool. This setup was made by ScrapSC and I bought it off him on the Facebook page. Currently just have pictures of it from my garage page, I will work this weekend to get some current pictures as it...
  14. Tim Groth

    All Sold - please delete

    Everything has been sold - thanks! -Tim
  15. Tim Groth

    Wrecked SC's on

    No license required to buy this - so anyone from the public can purchase. No rips in the leather interior and some tasteful upgrades...makes me think it may have been owned by an enthusiast. -Tim
  16. Tim Groth

    Garage Sale - Lets make a deal.

    Wife thinks I am a hoarder...and well after some cleaning today she has me some what convinced. Have a bunch of stuff ranging from Brand new never opened to used extras for projects that never took hold or where I replaced something so I replaced others things while there.... I took pictures of...
  17. Tim Groth

    ALL SOLD - Please Delete

    Worked on some early spring cleaning today...found a tote of left over shirts from Carlisle 2015... only 3 of these - all brand new never worn. 1 - Small Sold 1 - 1xl Sold 1 - 2xl Sold Shirts are Gildan Ultra Cotton - 100% cotton...does not say "pre-shrunk" $8 each which includes...
  18. Tim Groth

    Full Blue Interior from a 94 SC

    Pretty much the last piece of this parts car before it's sent to the scrapyard. It's the Half and Half Blue interior...Power Driver seat, manual passenger side. These are from a parts car that hasn't been in rd use since 2006 so the seats are in pretty good condition overall. If memory serves me...
  19. Tim Groth

    Car randomly shuts off while driving

    So this started on the trip to Carlisle. Essentially we made it 20 miles up the turned off while driving, coasted to the shoulder of the road. I cranked it a few times maybe 2 mins at the most...fired back up...drove to Carlisle (300 miles) ran fine all weekend, drove back home 300...
  20. Tim Groth

    Parts found

    Looking to get one of my birds back together...somehow some parts have walked off... Shoot me a PM if able to help. -Tim