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    94 cooling fans

    ive searched and read a little, and have gotten all threads on the 89-93 cooling fan mods. what im wondering is, for a 94, which wire do I cut to get the pusher fan to come on all the time? and i was thinking of putting my radiator fan on a switch, so i can turn it on when i want, like sitting...
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    looking for anyone who has pics of matt89sc's supercoupe with the crazy intercooler setup. all the links are broken and i read a lot about his setup. just like to see what it actually looks like!
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    a/c delete

    i am currently deleting the ac system on my car.. ive read through al the threads on ac delete, on how to mod the tensioner ro go the other way or just get an idler pull to replace the condenser or delete the tensioner altogether. what im wondering is, why can't you jsut get a shorter belt...
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    engine oil

    how hot does the engine oil get in our sc engines? anyone know?
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    spinningwheels-sc heads

    was browsing their site and saw their ported heads up, stage one and two. no pricing, and i havent called, cuz i wanted to hear from you guys if anyone has used them and how they are? are they good? pros/cons? does anyone know the price offhand? also, what about the cams they sell?
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    rod bearings

    looking to replace my oil pan and oilpump soon, so wondering where i could get some rod bearings? also, anything else i should replace while im down there? im already doign the motor mounts as well.
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    oil pan?

    i just busted my oil pan today, havent gotten to check out the extent of teh damage, but i def need a new pan. anyone know where i can get one? and how hard are they to install?
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    i just recently installed a new passenger halfshaft. while installing, i noticed the subframe was broken on the same side, in the back closest to the fuel tank. when driving normal, it seems fine, but under hard acceleration, the whole car vibrates like crazy, and you can hear it coming from...
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    rear subframe cracked?

    i recently broke a halfshaft, and while i was replacing it, i noticed that the subframe was completely cracked right above the passenger halfshaft, i am tryin to find a pic of a subframe to show you, but i was wondering is this rare?? and how do i go about fixing this, do i need to buy a whole...
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    rear caliper bracket

    are the front and rear caliper brackets the same?
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    looking to buy a pair of 5 speed halfshafts, preferably two fat shafts, but ill take anything shipped to 08077
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    Pinion Brace/Diff Cover Brace

    looking to buy one of these, or both if the price is right. let me know
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    good bye halfshaft, hello new rear

    broke the passenger side halfshaft- time to upgrade! i did some research, and came up with a good plan of action i think. im gonna go with just some replacement halfshafts from my auto parts store, then go ahead and get the polyurethane bushings and rear rebuild kit from SCP. if i have the...
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    good bye halfshaft

    delete this
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    time for a new exhaust!

    well I was cruising last night, and thanks to the wonderful roads of jersey, they decided to tear up the road, and fail to put up an uneven pavement sign, so as I'm going down the highway, BAM, take a nice 4-5 inch drop from pavement to nothing, and it pretty much decimates my stock exhaust(my...
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    stock MAFS size?

    what is the stock MAFS size on a 94 s/c?
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    how long does it take?

    i registered and sent my money in on friday, whats the deal?
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    miscellaneous for sale

    selling a brand new intercooler fan bought from SCP. installed on my car used for about two days, taken off. all hardware included, still good to use(i custom mounted it) -40 dollars plus shipping- SOLD also for sale new 3" intake bough from SCP at same time as IC fan, including filter, heat...
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    problems accelerating

    in my 94 5-spd, after driving it for a while, if i have it in gear and hit the gas, it sometimes starts bucking like crazy, like its not gettin any fuel. im thinking maybe fuel filter, but i dunno when its in neutral, i can rev it no problem, no bucking or anything, its smooth., but only in...
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    any suggestions?

    im looking at buying a rebuilt m5r2, and was wondering, since its gonna be out of the car, if there any any recommended or smart mods i should do? maybe fiber lined synchros or something? just anything that you guys would do if u had a new tranny sitting waiting to go in, and had some money...