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    supercharger tensioner pulleys.

    ive been looking around town at all the parts stores and i cant seem to find a listing for the tensioner pulleys on the jackshaft belt and the supercharger belt. does anyone know where i can find a good pulley for cheap? i would prefer a metal pulley over a cheap plastic one, but ill take what i...
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    m90 rebuild problems

    brought my snout to a machine shop to get rebuilt. i also brought him the rebuild kit from spinningwheelssc. he is telling me that when he presses the bearings onto the race like there supposed to be, the seal doesnt fit. he also said he can press the bearings back a bit to fit the seal, but...
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    WTB stock or MP crankshaft pulley

    hey, my m90'd mustang decided to throw out the bllancer and crank pulley on my way to minnestoafor my labor day vacation. i desperately need the crankshaft pulley. stock or overdrive. i NEED one! i dont have internet while im on vacation. if you have a pulley and want to sell it to me pleas...
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    custom sc top

    Im looking for pictures of custom raised tops, different ideas. Im also looking for someone to custom make me a raised top. My idea is to get a top that exits out to the left of the supercharger and add a FMIC with the hot tube following the CAI to the front of the car, and the cold tube in the...
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    timing chain cover

    timing chain cover with oil pump and crank sencer from 94/95 tbird sc or stang. willing to trade my 89 timing chain cover or buy yours for reasonable price + shipping ofcourse
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    4.2 crankshaft in a SC?

    ive done the research on v6power and allfordmustangs. im just wondering what you all think. yes or no and why.
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    boost levels

    how much boost are you guys running??
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    MP raised SC top

    looking for a used magnum powers raised supercharger top for thunderbird sc looking for same performance without the high price...
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    rod, main, cam bearings

    looking for info on good bearings? if possible would like stronger bearings just to insure a good strong motor!! if there are stronger ones, where can i get them and how much?? napa, auto value and auto zone all give me one choice!!!!
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    Porting SC intake

    I found a site with a "how to" and i was just wondering if anyone has done this? mostly Im wondering about the air divider.... it seems like somthing that would be more difficult.... well if you have done this, what gains did...
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    porting IC tubing

    I love the stock IC tubing it just goes with it you know... I want to know if anyone has ported the tubing?? just the top and bottom... if so what type of change did you see? I just love how the top tube says SUPERCHARGED..... it kicks ~~~.... plus i want to get them painted black with the...
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    injecters, fuel line, pump questions

    ok i havent done any research on what injectors or anything i should run with my motor.... 89 SC block bored 30 over stock forged crank stock "forged" rods forged 30 over pistons ported heads gasket matched intake ~15lb m90 dont exactly know yet ported IC tubes double IC ported headers 2.5...
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    Snout Bearing questions

    wondering if the snout bearings and shaft just press out of the snout.... i just wanted to make sure before i broke somthing.... press on the pulley side with a hydrolic press and the shaft should just pop out the rear. can you just press the new bearings on or do you have to heat and cool...
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    Stock bottom end

    i was just wondering how strong the stock bottom end is on a 89 SC? tell me what type of combo you have with a stock bottom end.... and some hp and tq numbers if ya got them...
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    Coated Rotors

    where can I get cheap coated rotors. Im hoping to get the better ones, but the 94-95 rotors will work. whats the differences in all the rotors? what ones can I adapt to my 1989 thunderbird eaton M90?
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    M90 Coated rotors!

    rebuilding a m90 from a 89 i know the 94-95's have coated rotors but then the m90 in 97+ have a superior coating system... if anyone can get me a pair of those newer coated rotosa or even a 94-95 coated rotor for cheap.. would be willing to buy... thanx pm me if you hove a pair laying around
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    eaton m90 rebuild

    im rebuilding my eaton m90 from my 1989 thunderbird, I need to know where to get a rebuild kit... i heard alot about texas thunderbirds but he went out of business.... so i need the parts to rebuild the snout, and then a smaller pulley to finish it off.... can you please help?
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    89 SC trans to 95 Stang??

    I have a 1989 Supercoupe trans (auto) that i recently picked up. My 1995 Mustang has a bad trans (auto). What would be involved in swapping the trans? would it be a direct bolt on? Would I need the computer and/or driveshaft? if possible would want to get replaced this weekend!!
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    95 Mustang SC

    Just a few questions... 1. How long will my stock Mustang crank last with swapping the heads and SC from a 89 Supercoupe? 2 How long will my trans (auto) last with the stock heads and SC from a 89 Supercoupe? 3. How hard would it be to swap the trans (both auto) from a 89 Supercoupe into my...
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    Parting Out 1989 SC Auto

    Just bought a 1989 Ford Thunderbird SC. It has a AUTO trans with 140,000 miles on the car. My friend sold it to me because he slid it into a telephone pole a couple days ago. I will be pulling the motor for a transplant into a 1995 Mustang. I will also be using some misc. electronic parts from...