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  1. SuperChicken89

    18th Annual Mustangs and Mustangs... Legends Havin Fun Show 4/11

    Here is a link to this great show for anyone interested in attending. Fantasy of Flight is closed to the public for the next several years while the owner remodels the facility but still holds special events there. This show is one of those private special events. The judged registration has...
  2. SuperChicken89

    MFMC 25th Annual Mustang & Ford Roundup February 28th

    If anyone is interested, the MFMC will be holding their annual car show on 2/28 in Longwood this year. This year for whatever reason they changed the location from the always successful Waterford Lakes to Historic Downtown Longwood. I personally think it is a mistake but hopefully I am wrong...
  3. SuperChicken89

    Mustang Club of West Central FL car show 11/23

    I know this is late notice but the MCoWCFL is holding their annual Mustang/Ford show 11/23 in Sarasota. This is a great show every year with mostly Mustangs and some other Fords. I will be attending with the SC again this year. Anyone else interested in attending, here is the link to the show...
  4. SuperChicken89

    WTB... 89 Front Passenger Shadow Blue Leather Seat

    Let me try this again after all it has been over a year since I last tried... I am looking for a 1989 Shadow Blue leather front passenger seat in near perfect condition. The Shadow Blue leather interior was a 89 color only and is somewhat difficult to find. Hopefully someone out there has one...
  5. SuperChicken89

    MFMC 27th Mustang and Ford Roundup 2/15/2014

    The Mid-Florida Mustang Club will host the 27th Annual Mustang & Ford Roundup at Waterford Lakes on 2/15/14. I will be attending with the SC and Cobra this year. If anyone else is interested, here is the link to the show information and registration. Hopefully I won't be the lone SC...
  6. SuperChicken89

    Silver Springs 20th Ford and Mustang Roundup 1/11/2014

    The 20th Silver Springs Ford and Mustang Roundup will be held January 11th &12th. I will be attending Saturday the 11th with the SC providing the latest upgrades are complete this weekend. If the upgrades aren't complete, I will be there with the 69 Cougar. Will anyone else be attending? Link...
  7. SuperChicken89

    89-90 Leather Passenger Seat Wanted

    I’m looking for an early model 89-90 leather front passenger seat in any color. Must be in excellent condition. No heavy wear, rips, or other damage to the leather. I don't care about the seat track just want the seat bottom and seat back. Bryan
  8. SuperChicken89

    Movin on up

    Lookie what I finally bought after 10 years of wanting one. When the garage was ordered 10 years ago, it was purchased with one of these in mind. I'm so very happy... no more jacking cars up just to check something simple. Bryan
  9. SuperChicken89

    Silver Springs all Ford show 1/7/2012

    I was wondering who else is planning on attending this Saturday. We will be there with the SC and Shelby GT-H. Bryan
  10. SuperChicken89

    Orlando Speed World Sunday Funday 12/4

    Orlando Speed World Dragway is having their final Funday Sunday this coming Sunday 12/4. I will be there with my Cougar and was wondering if anyone else will? Track opens at 10:00 and closes at 5:00 according to their online schedule. Gonna see if I found my missing HP :D...
  11. SuperChicken89

    89 Shadow Blue Leather Rear Seat

    I'm looking for a perfect or near perfect 1989 SC rear leather seat in Shadow Blue. Shadow Blue is the Dark Navy Blue which I believe was only offered for 1 year. Need the seat bottom and fold down backs. I'm really just looking for the leather to repair a front seat. Any help would be greatly...
  12. SuperChicken89

    MCWCF 20th Anniversary Mustang and Ford Show 11/20 Sarasota, FL

    Well it is that time of the year again here in Florida..... car show season! Here is the annual show put on by the Mustang Club of West Central Florida located on St. Armands Circle in Sarasota. The MCWCF does a great job with this show and is one I look forward to each year. I've already sent...
  13. SuperChicken89

    Orlando Speed World Dragway Friday 5/6

    Anyone interested in going to Orlando Speed World Friday 5/6 evening? As of now, I'm planning on taking the SC out to see if I can blow it up:D I would like to see what kind of times I can put down before the next HP upgrade. I took the Cougar out a few weeks back and had an absolute blast. The...
  14. SuperChicken89

    24th Annual Mustang and Ford Roundup February 26th

    It's that time of the year again for the Mid-Florida Mustang Club's 24th Annual Mustang and Ford Roundup held at Waterford Lakes Town Center in East Orlando. Lets see if we can put together a good showing of SCs again this year. Here is the link to the entry form...
  15. SuperChicken89

    Super Sunday all Ford Show November 21st

    Here is a show on the west side of the state located at Sarasota's St. Armands Circle. Several of the Central Florida SC owners have attended this show in the past. Lets see if we can get a group to attend this year. My entry form goes in the mail tomorrow. Hope o see you there:D...
  16. SuperChicken89

    2011 Silver Springs All Ford and Mustang show

    Here is the entry form for the upcoming January 8-9, 2011 17th Annual Ford and Mustang Roundup. My entry form arrived in the mail Friday and went out Saturday. If you plan on attending or you're not sure if you are, send the completed entry form ASAP. The 1st 1,000 registrations go fast and it...
  17. SuperChicken89

    MFMC 23rd Annual Mustang and Ford Roundup February 20th

    Here is the information on Mid-Florida Mustang Club's annual all Ford (Mustang) Show located at Waterford Lakes Town Center on February 20th. This is usually a very well attended show and I expect this year to be no different. Lets try to get a good showing of the SC's here this year! Hopefully...
  18. SuperChicken89

    Anyone looking for a project SC?

    Check out this link. The car is located in Titusville and needs an engine. I have a spare short block but what I lack is time. Besides if I bought another car, let alone another SC, I'd have to live in it:D Nice car for someone looking for a...
  19. SuperChicken89

    American Muscle Car Show 10/10/09

    The Mid-Florida Mustang Club has been asked to put on a car show by the owners of the Seminole Towne Center Mall. Rather than duplicate the February Mustang/All Ford show the club puts on at the Waterford Lakes Town Center they dicided to invite all American manufactures. I plan on attending...
  20. SuperChicken89

    Silver Springs All Ford Show January 9-10, 2010

    Here is the entry form for the 16th Annual Ford and Mustang Roundup. In the past, we've had anywhere from as few as 2 or 3 SC's to close to 10. Lets try to plan ahead an get a good turn out this coming January. This should give...