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    OEM / original Motorcraft SC shocks, 70,000 miles

    I've seen interest in used, OEM shocks here. I just had my replaced with new Tokico shocks, and had them save the originals. I'm not saying they are good - I replaced them - but they did still perform the firm / soft change and didn't bounce like bad shocks do. I see a little oil weeping, I...
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    Two early model (89-93) blower pulleys

    I'd like two early model pulleys. Rust not a huge issue, but no bends or dents. Reply, PM, or email me at jonschuck at Gmail dot com. Thanks and cheers!
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    WTB: Grey sun visors

    My light (opal?) grey sun visors in the redbird have turned almost to dust. Passenger side much worse than driver side. Perfect would be nice, but clean and not torn at least - I'm trying to make her nice inside. If you are still reading: The grey material on the rear deck behind the rear...
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    WTB: Genuine OEM MAF 1995 SC

    My MAF has failed and I'd like to try new or good used OEM MAF for replacement. Any leads or offers appreciated. If you can recommend a reliable aftermarket source, I'd like to hear about that also. TIA Jon
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    Tilt steering malfunction

    I just noticed that my tilt steering column does not lock. I'm short, so I like the steering wheel all the way down, but without pulling the locking lever I can easily lift the column up. It's also simply drops down to the lowest position without the lever being pulled. It makes a racheting...
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    PS pulley and coolant reservoir 95 SC

    I'm looking for a good condition power steering pulley. My puller really mailed the lip badly. Also looking for a good condition 95 coolant overflow reservoir. Thanks
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    Vibration, coolant leak, questions

    I have a lovely low miles 95 5 SPD. I don't drive her much, so I don't have a feel for right or wrong. I've had to add a little coolant many of the times I've driven her after sitting for a few weeks. When I turn her off, sometimes there is wisp of steam from the firewall and a hiss, but not...
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    Interesting article(s) on boost and compression ratios

    Really good discussion on compression, boost, and effective compression ratios, cams, porting etc. types-and-terms/
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    Sun roof interior panel

    I have a 95 SC and the plastic tab on the panel that clicks into the track is missing on one side. ISO new panel - interior is gray but I'll take any color. I'd really like an early model with the vent louvers, if that will fit. I imagine it will.
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    ABS main power relay location

    I have a 95 auto with abs light on, indicator off. Light was flashing, ran IOEO and changed the ABS pump controller. Now light is always on I'd like to check the main power relay continuity, but I don't know where it is. The OEM doesn't have a diagram for location. Manual section 06-09-20 Any...
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    Rock auto discount code

    5441740248598122. Good till Jan 29
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    late model stock exhaust mainfold porting question

    Any thoughts on porting the outlet without removing the manifolds? from underneath on a lift or jack stands? pulling the manis is such a pain
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    blower maintenance

    I have a used S port of unknown pedigree. I have a snout rebuild kit at the ready. Before I dig into that, I'd like some advise on what to look for in terms of wear and tear. The rotors appear to have a bit of wear, but not bad. I could provide a pic or two on that. The whole thing makes...
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    Hanging idle

    What would happen if I just blocked off my IAC with a solid gasket? She idles better with the IAC plug off than in.
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    Anyone in the area going up to Carlisle in June?

    I just registered early bird: Code Item Qty Price Grand Total 2016-027 2016 Carlisle Ford Nationals Showfield [Ford Off-Grounds Camping:No Ford Camping Needed] [Ford Off-Grounds Trailer Parking:No Ford Trailer Parking Needed] [Year:1995] [Make:Ford] [Model:Thunderbird SC] [Type:Coupe] [Trim...
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    M90s on other platforms

    The Eaton M90 was on a bunch of other cars - GM, mercedes I think, etc - so what kind of novel plumbing solutions did they use? I bet there are other hats for example that weren't so restrictive. Anyone ever research this?
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    'short block' vs 'long block'

    What are the differences? which is / was standard when? Lots of references to both in forums, mostly a question of curiosity.
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    Plenum to TB studs

    Ànd super charger bolts. Would someone reference a nice source for quality replacements? I'd like stainless if possible. Hex head for looks. When I pull SC and plenum, I'd like to put in some quality replacements.
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    belt size, early pulley on 95 blower?

    Looking for a good thread that guides me on correct SC belt size to use to replace 95 pulley on 95 blower with early model (smaller dia) pulley on same 95 blower. Can I use same belt or need slightly shorter? Also, link to any threads, notes, guides on pulling the SC pulley. thanks.
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    Had to share this

    Made me laugh. "Good used condition".