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  1. dthompson

    89 Manual Transmission M5R2 and parts

    I will be selling my M5R2 transmission and related bits. Everything is still in the car, but I wanted to get this out there in case any of you guys were in the market for some of these parts. Do you need a bunch of parts for your manual swap? Need a good shifting trans? I am selling these...
  2. dthompson

    Ircm, l code e9sf-12b577 ab

    I have a IRCM that I picked up 2.5 years ago that was NOS (New Old Stock). I used it the past 2.5 years and it probably has less than 5k miles on it. So this thing is in almost factory new condition. Asking $100 shipped. Thanks, Derek
  3. dthompson

    4.2 long block and performance parts

    I am placing my current engine set up for sale. The engine is still in the car and will be pulled by the middle of March. These parts will be for sale once the motor is out of the car. Pictures of individual items will be added then. These parts are clean and in great condition. I have...
  4. dthompson

    Derek's Project GFP

    I would like to introduce my new project for my 1989 SC 5spd. Currently my car has a perfectly good 4.2 engine with an MPX that makes over 380whp on pump gas. It won its dyno class (M90) at the 2016 shootout. Its running somewhere in the high 12s at the track, trapping ~107mph, and it...
  5. dthompson

    aftermarket ignition parts

    My car is experiencing an intermittent loss of tach signal. The tach needle drops a couple hundred RPMs very quickly and bounces back when idling. Sometimes, it stumbles when this happens and then start idling weird, but will clear up. Under power it drives fine (or at least it feels ok)...
  6. dthompson

    New best

    I didn't light the world on fire last night, but I did manage to rattle off a decent pass last night at the local 1/8 mile track. That pass was my best 60 foot so far, so I was pretty happy about that. It was a tenth better than my best 1/8 mile time at the shoot out when I ran a 13.08, but I...
  7. dthompson

    e85 conversion

    So I recently discovered that the Sheetz gas stations which are popping up every where down here are selling e85! My long term goal is to switch to the dark side, slap a turbo on my junk, and make around 550whp. So now that it appears that we have several stations selling e85 around here, its...
  8. dthompson

    Half Shaft Boot and Grease?

    I had an old half shaft laying in the garage (as a spare), that previously had puked grease on the subframe above the inner CV joint. I decided I would check it out tonight. I did not see a tear in the boot, and it didnt look like it had leaked from where the boot was secured. It looked like...
  9. dthompson

    Clutch trouble shooting

    Im looking for ideas to help trouble shoot what I now believe to be a clutch problem. For a while now, I have experienced a problem in the following scenario: The engine is cold, I press in the clutch and start the car, put the car in rev, back out of the garage, release the clutch and then...
  10. dthompson

    M5R2 5th Rev shop manual misprint

    I found a misprint in the shop manual as it relates to the 5th Rev clutch hub assembly and I wanted to make sure that the image on the right is the correct way to assemble. The image on the left is mislabels the "short and long" hub sides, so I assume the "tally mark" label is wrong as well...
  11. dthompson

    A9U2 ecu and harness

    I am looking for an 89 ECU with harness. Can anyone help me out?
  12. dthompson

    Clutch Pedal Linkage Repair

    Recently I had a problem with my clutch pedal linkage popping off the pedal. I was able to snap the linkage back onto the pedal, but I could tell something did not feel right. Later I was able to dig into the problem a little more, and I found that the little plastic retainer was broken. I...
  13. dthompson

    10ga all the way to fuel pump?

    You guys that have upgraded the fuel pump harness wiring... What is the best way to get the 10ga wire through the top of the hanger assembly. I tried searching for pics but I didnt have any luck tonight. It seems like I remember seeing someone use bolts and nylock nuts that overheated and...
  14. dthompson

    WTB 89 Drivers Cowl

    in search of 89 drivers cowling. shipped to 27545. Had a little mishap today pressure testing my IC piping and blew a 2.75" hole in mine. :(
  15. dthompson

    Lower Control Arm Bushing Video Stock versus Delrin

    My cousin and I put together this little video showing the difference between stock/poly bushings and delrin bushings at the LCA and Knuckle. It pretty cool to see the suspension work.
  16. dthompson

    Trailer Suggestion

    I am beginning my research for purchasing an open trailer to tow my SC around to shootouts and the strip. Not having towed many cars, I wanted to get your opinions on what to look for in a trailer. I've rented those U-haul auto transports a couple of times, but thats about it. Open bottom or...
  17. dthompson

    Wtb f3 chip and jaybird programmer

    As title says, want to buy a jaybird and chip so I can take my QH out of the car. Thanks, Derek
  18. dthompson

    power antenna weight reduction

    My power antenna does not work properly and i found a bunch of options for how to repair it when i searched the forums. I was wondering if anyone has deleted the motorized portion and just mounted a fixed version antenna. I will never run my car through the car wash, so I am not worried about...
  19. dthompson

    Track loc s-spring for sale

    For Sale: S-spring for the 8.8 Traction Loc for the Thunderbird. I went to the dealer to pick one up and it came in packs of 2. There are only 12 more left in the distribution centers according to the parts guy at my local dealer. Package says 2 pcs but I am using one, so only one is for sale...
  20. dthompson

    Early ABS Unit For Sale

    ***SOLD**** I have an ABS unit for sale off of my 89 SC. The unit was rebuilt by SAI electronics in Feb of 2013, I paid $536.00 plus the cost of the accumulator. The unit was working when removed from the car a few months ago. Im asking $200 plus shipping obo. This is a great replacement...