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  1. XR7 Dave

    SC Shootout stats

    What happened with the old SC-Shootout website and in particular the fastest SC’s list? I wanted to look some things up and realized I have no idea where to find it.
  2. XR7 Dave

    Very custom 1995 Opal Frost 5spd for sale. Needs engine work!

    I am posting this for a friend who is in a bit of a bad situation with an SC that I built for his father a few years back. As has been known to happen with these cars, the crankshaft has broken causing unknown engine damage. The owner cannot handle the repair and so he is wanting to sell the...
  3. XR7 Dave

    ZR Motorsports/BBK/C&L Cold Air Intake Kit

    For sale, separately or together 3 inch ZR Motorsports cold air intake with K&N filter $150 C&L 76mm mass air meter 42lb calibration $100 70 mm BBK polished throttle body $125 plus shipping or $325 plus shipping for all
  4. XR7 Dave

    BHJ balancer 89-93 for sale $250

    BHJ balancer for sale. 89-93. Style. Used, but in excellent condition. $250+ shipping.
  5. XR7 Dave

    Front License Plate Holder

    This front license plate holder is brand new, and has never been installed on a vehicle, part #E9SZ-17A385-B . It fits 1989-95 SC or 1994-95 LX $50 shipped to the lower 48.
  6. XR7 Dave

    SC Billet Radiator Cap Cover

    $25 shipped to the lower 48
  7. XR7 Dave

    Aluminum 10% Jackshaft pulley

    Used SCI aluminum 10% Jackshaft pulley, 8 ribs $125 shipped to the lower 48
  8. XR7 Dave

    OEM Ford Front End Bra

    This is an original front end bra for a T-Bird, part number E9SZ19A413B. It has been used and shows a little wear, but is in overall very nice condition. It has been in storage and was put on the white car for picture purposes only. A good find for someone looking to add to their collection...
  9. XR7 Dave

    Screamin Demon coil pack

    Slightly used Screamin Demon coil pack. $50 plus shipping
  10. XR7 Dave

    HP guesses in the new year.....

    So guys, how much HP do you think our split port swapped XR7 will make with a turbo? Motor is stock and we don't want to break it so we aren't going to go crazy and it will be running on pump gas. Bone stock the split port made 173rwhp 194rwtq. Where will we go from here? :D
  11. XR7 Dave

    Keyless entry Keypad

    Keyless entry keypad.
  12. XR7 Dave

    MPFMIC kit for sale.

    Magnum Powers Front Mount Intercooler with chrome tubes, clamps and silicone connectors. Kit is complete and in good condition. Upper tube has been shortened slightly for AR kit compatibility. $800 + shipping.
  13. XR7 Dave

    Chromed CAI with Bullet MAF

    Chromed 3.5 inch cold air intake with filter and ProM Bullet MAF $250 shipped to lower 48
  14. XR7 Dave

    Kooks Ceramic Coated headers with down tubes

    Used Kooks headers, ceramic coated with down tubes, heat shielded wideband port and V-band connectors, includes transmission mount. In very good condition. $750 shipped to the lower 48.
  15. XR7 Dave

    Eibach Pro-Kit 1.5 inch lowering springs

    Used Eibach Pro-Kit 1.5 inch lowering springs. $150 shipped in lower 48.
  16. XR7 Dave

    Intercooler resealing kit

    Intercooler resealing kit, comes with 4 pieces of tape and a tube of Permatex gasket maker. $25 shipped in lower 48
  17. XR7 Dave

    White gauge faces

    Brand new, still in their protective coverings, white gauge faces for 89-93 SC or LX Includes a voltage face instead of a boost face. Oil face not included in picture but is part of the set and is also brand new. $30 shipped in lower 48
  18. XR7 Dave

    EGR adapter for Magnum Powers plenum

    Used EGR adapter $25 shipped to the lower 48
  19. XR7 Dave

    Used Kooks mid length headers for sale. $250 delivered to the Shootout or + shipping

    In decent condition, may need some help on the collectors, here are some Kooks headers for a lot less than new. As stated, $250 delivered to the Shootout or + shipping anywhere else.
  20. XR7 Dave

    Black leather and tweed seats

    Front and rear seats in very nice condition, all electronics work and the tracks move freely. If needed I can include the sound deadener that goes between the back seat and the trunk. $250 pick up or delivered to the shootout