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  1. Melon

    WTB - black interior

    Door panels, interior panels, rear package tray, carpet, center console, seats front and back (complete, but torn is ok. Planning to recover them) closer to Nebraska, the better. Bonus if the pieces are 35th specific. Shoot me a price and see if we can make a deal. Thanks!
  2. Melon

    Black interior

    89-93 black interior close to Nebraska. Mostly looking for carpet and rear package tray. I wouldn't say no to the right deal that includes seats that are complete, but need recovered. Thanks
  3. Melon

    35th & Early Black Interior close to Nebraska

    Looking for early black interior parts, I'm mostly after carpet and plastic pieces panels. I'm planning to recover the seats and could do the headliner if one isn't found. Prefer close to Nebraska. Also, if anyone has 35th door inserts for reasonable money, let me know. I'm guessing I'll need...
  4. Melon

    35th Revival

    It's been too long of a time coming... I want to get my 35th out and going again. What stopped it? The ABS took a dive and I started swapping to conventional brakes. The weather got cold, the car went to storage, life got in the way... Life has changed directions and opportunity may present...
  5. Melon

    Blend Door Actuator 94+ dash

    I posted on the Facebook group, but decided I'd post this over here. I just changed out the blend door actuator on the 94. I had searched SCCoA and TCCoA and to my surprise, no one mentioned removing the air bag. I lowered the glove box and removed the air ducts and still wondered how the heck...
  6. Melon

    94/95 Cowl hood in Wichita Found this while cruising Craigslist. Not sure if anyone can use it, but thought I'd throw it out there.
  7. Melon

    1990 Cougar XR7 model

    This may be a long shot, but does anyone have a 1990 Cougar model they are willing to part with? It seems they are hit and miss on eBay. If so, let me know. Thanks
  8. Melon

    ABS swap - new Brake Booster problem

    Got the old ABS unit out of the 90 today. Then I got looking at the new brake booster that's going in - it has 3 bolts that go through the firewall. The old unit had 4. Did I order the wrong booster? Ordered it for a 91 5.0. Even if I had gone for a 90 3.8, the stock picture at Rock Auto, it...
  9. Melon

    Anyone want to grab lunch?

    I'll be in KC next weekend (14-16) and was wondering if anyone wanted to grab lunch somewhere on Sunday?
  10. Melon

    Fog Light Switch

    Looking for a complete and working fog light switch for a 94. Managed to mess mine up when I removed the console. Price plus shipping to 68008. Thanks
  11. Melon

    Soft brake pedal, ABS & Brake lights on

    Since money is tight for me, I want to double check opinions before I start spending money. Been fighting an intermittent brake issue with the 90. First, the ABS relay wouldn't turn the pump off. Cleaned the contacts on the relay and it seemed to fix it. Then the lights started coming on again...
  12. Melon

    Amount of spam lately?

    Like the title says, I've been noticing alot more spam lately it seems. Odd screen names with odd messages. Is there anyone high enough to delete them and the posts?
  13. Melon

    ABS Pump, Accumulator Ball, or Relay?

    Yesterday, the ABS light and brake light came on a few times while driving and each time when I turned the car off, I could hear the pump running. It's happened a few times in the last month or so. This time, when I got home from work, the pump must kept cycling and ended up draining the battery...
  14. Melon

    ZR Intake

    Bought it to use on my Anniversary, but decided to keep it stock (mostly) so going to let it go. It's the air intake that goes from the throttle body to the MAF, and then from the MAF to behind the bumper where the cone filter is mounted there. $90 Can post here, but PM will get a quicker...
  15. Melon

    Odometer gears

    Are they all created equal? I've got a 145 speedo with a non-working odometer. Can I take the gear out of a working 120 and make the 145 work?
  16. Melon

    Auto-Dim mirror throughout the years

    With the recent heat wave, my rear view mirror gave up the ghost and came off the windshield. I haven't been sold that the auto-dimming part worked anyway so I'm going to find a replacement and use that in hopes it works like it's supposed to. I'm guessing I can use any mirror from 89-93? I've...
  17. Melon

    35th Anny 39k miles Definitely not mine, but looks like a nice car. Thought maybe someone might be interested.
  18. Melon

    I'm a dad!

    It's been an interesting trip to get there, especially this last week (wow.. that's all I have to say haha) Emmeritt James (EJ) was born Wednesday at 2:47pm - 6lbs, 11oz and 19" long :) He had a slightly collapsed lung when he was born - the doctors just said 30%, but for a little guy like...
  19. Melon

    Nebraska Guys - Meet Update

    When: Sunday, September 11 Where: Quaker Steak and Lube 3220 Mid America Dr, Council Bluffs, IA Time: Show up around 5, eat when we feel like going in?
  20. Melon

    No Start

    90SC 5spd Last week, went to start the car before work - it cranked once and then nothing. It was like it zapped the battery. Was able to jump start it and it ran fine. Got home, turned it off and instantly - nothing. First thought was battery so replaced it and still nothing. Could I have...