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  1. SuperChicken89

    Saint Augustine FL, qualified mechanic needed!

    What are the issues you are experiencing?
  2. SuperChicken89

    1989 SC for sale from Original Owner

    Where are you located in sunny Florida?
  3. SuperChicken89

    Where's everyone?

    How long have you been living in Sarasota Ira? The easiest thing to get used to here in sunny FL is we don't get snow! You're in a great area in the state. I love the Gulf Coast.
  4. SuperChicken89

    Where's everyone?

    Chris... There aren't many of us left. I'm here in the Orlando area and Dan is up in Ormond Beach. Where about are you in Broward County?
  5. SuperChicken89

    Abs pump motor FIXED!!!!!

    Did these ABS pump motor seals and brushes very become reality? If they did, I'm in need of the seals and brushes. Thanks.
  6. SuperChicken89

    1989 - 1990 Sunroof switch bracket and trim covers - New

    Put me down for one of each. Bryan
  7. SuperChicken89

    Problems with my new vacuum brakes

    Try your local NAPA store for Lubegard in the red bottle. That is where I normally purchase it. Bryan
  8. SuperChicken89

    Calling Joe B, saw your car at AutoWorks

    Dan... Here is the thread where I recommended Auto Works. Bryan
  9. SuperChicken89

    An update on the saga of my bird's brakes

    Glad to help out another SC owner... there aren't many of us left. I don't have any direct experience with Kenny but I know Dan has used him for many years and speaks very highly of his work. I do all my own work. When my ABS system failed last year, I fixed it myself. My ABS problem turned out...
  10. SuperChicken89

    Billet Coolant Bleeder Fill Cap

    Glad to hear you received your parts! Hopefully this means my items are in transit. Bryan
  11. SuperChicken89

    An update on the saga of my bird's brakes

    Yes he is referring to Dan's 89 SC. I'm sure Dan can fill Kenny in on the finer points of the conventional brake conversion. Bryan
  12. SuperChicken89

    An update on the saga of my bird's brakes

    Glad to hear i could help out. Kenny is familiar with Dan's SC (OnequikSC) and it was converted about a year ago to conventional brake system. I believe Dan did most of the work and Auto Works finished/bled the system. Auto Works has serviced Dan's SC for at least 10 years. Good luck and let us...
  13. SuperChicken89

    Billet Coolant Bleeder Fill Cap

    Same here... still waiting 1+ year later. Spoke to him back in February and he stated they are still in the process but on the back burner due to higher priority jobs. Offered to refund my money but I opted to wait it out. :rolleyes: Bryan
  14. SuperChicken89

    An update on the saga of my bird's brakes

    Glad to help out a fellow SCer. Kenny at Auto Works is a good guy to deal with from what I hear and has a mechanic who knows these vehicles also. Many shops shy away from these cars because they don't understand them. Good luck and let us know how it works out. Bryan
  15. SuperChicken89

    An update on the saga of my bird's brakes

    The Ford dealer is probably trying to figure out what that antiquated braking system is. I'm sure the 30+ year old technology has them confused. If you take it to the Orlando area, I have a shop here who knows these cars. The Ford Shoppe 407-339-5585 located in Maitland on US 17-92. Bryan
  16. SuperChicken89

    An update on the saga of my bird's brakes

    Here is the shop in Ormond Beach where a good friend takes his SC. They have a mechanic there who knows these cars. Personally I wouldn't take it to a Ford dealer or any dealer for that matter. They will just want to change the whole super charger for just a bad snout coupler and seal. The...
  17. SuperChicken89

    Silver Springs 20th Ford and Mustang Roundup 1/11/2014

    Sorry to hear you won't be able to make the event. I will be there with ether my SC or 69 Cougar. I'm thrashing to get the latest project on the Cougar complete in time. If the Cougar isn't ready, then the SC will be there. Bryan
  18. SuperChicken89

    AOD to AODE/4R70W Swap questions. ..

    I used the Ride Control switch on the center console for my overdrive delete. Makes it very convenient to enable/disable overdrive. Bryan
  19. SuperChicken89

    Seat bolster repair..

    Those seats look very good! Our 89's have a 1 year only Shadow Blue leather seat. That color leather doesn't exist any longer. Leather has to be custom dyed and perforated to match the correct color. Custom leather for the front seats alone is $800... SMS Auto Fabrics is the only company I've...