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    Super What?

    This week on 'Buy It or Burn It', we put up for consideration, one 4.6L 1997 Twin Turbo Thunderbird... Seller wants $4 or $5k, apparently. Mad Max Edition front bumper is apparently...
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    PickNPull Sherwood, Oregon

    Hit Sherwood PnP today to check out a couple Audis, and a White '89 SC they put out recently - found out that now thru 10.4, everything in the yard is 50% off, then 10.5 ~ 10.1, 75% off. Reason is they are shutting down over the Winter to revamp the lot and want to offload as many parts as they...
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    '90 SC - Found on Craigslist For when you just can't leave your SC at home... --Not my car--
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    1990 ABS Master Cylinder Kit P/N?

    Anyone happen to know a part number for a seal & piston kit for a 1990 TEVES II ABS master cylinder? Search fu seems to have let me down...internet shows nada. I'm R&R'ing mine (to install a fresh pump motor), and it appears to have been weeping out the back. Thanks, Ken
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    Early Teves ABS Reman Units

    For those that have a need and haven't noticed, CARDONE reman early SC ABS master cylinders are available on eBay now, starting at $515: See all results
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    Jackshaft Bearing R & R

    I have one of the new JS bearings sold via Slater85 - can anyone tell me if it matters which direction the old assembly needs to be pressed out of the accessory bracket? Assumption is the pulley flange is already removed. Is there a shoulder/stop to be taken into consideration, as an example...
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    Cars and Kool-Aid

    My friend the single Dad and his two young sons decided that they would create a new kid-centric YT channel...something they could do together, while finding a use for some of the time they have on their hands these days. They all have their favorite car channels, he takes them to the local...
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    Heads Up NOS SC Parts on eBay

    There are a ton of NOS Super Coupe parts on eBay right now, seller 'spark-surplus'. 20+ pages listed, the parts for sale range from engine, to trans, to interior, brakes, suspension, sensors, switches, etc. etc. Some prices are below market, most at or slightly above, and while some are clearly...
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    TEVES II ABS Pump Motor Service Source FYI

    Just a quick note for those with early SCs that use the TEVES ABS, I just had a spare ABS pump motor refreshed by Jose Ramon Nunez in Dallas. Ramon has been mentioned here in the past, phone number 214-579-7846 - I called a couple weeks back, left a voice msg, he returned my call and said yes...
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    Salem, Oregon, 2020 Car Show

    Went to a car show today, put on by me, held by me, organized by me, sponsored by me, ran by me, attended by me, I won all categories w/my Anny, including most miles driven to the The Anny had stiff competition for Best In Show, going up against my Windstar, which needs to be...
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    Cruise Control Cable Routing

    I need to re-route my cruise control cable - I know how to deal with the end at the throttle body...anyone know if it's easy enough to disconnect at the servo, inside the fender (#5 at #1)? Just pull the fender liner, lift the boot, and un-clip? Unscrew? Thanks. Ken
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    Heated Seats ~ Anny

    Decided to skin the driver's seat for worn bolster repair*, and occupancy sensor install, and thought it would be a good time to add a seat heater kit. Might do a write-up later, but for now...switches: *That wear on the front most edge was apparently caused by one of the screws that secures...
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    Rear bumper absorber & crash bar

    I removed the rear bumper skin off my '90 Anny to do some repairs to it, and found out that the internal crash absorber was 'reshaped' on the left side, sort of melted/mushed, apparently from the time I ran around without a down firing exhaust tip on that side. Doesn't affect the way the skin...
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    Shoutout, or dare?
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    NAPA AAA Discount Nov. 20%

    FYI, NAPA has doubled it's AAA member discount for Nov. to 20%, online, or in store.
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    Yet More Cooling System Fun

    After doing head gaskets (and lots of new cooling system parts) exactly 12 months ago, after which the cooling system in my Anny was well behaved without fail, I went to buy gas a few days ago, 80° out, and sat in line for a short while waiting my turn w/the engine running, A/C off. Noticed the...
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    48th Annual All Ford Picnic and Car Show, St. Paul Oregon 8.11.19

    Put on by the Mid-Willamette Valley Regional Group, a chapter of the national Early Ford V8 Club of America, held about 25 miles north of my home yesterday - wide range of Fords turned out, guessing around 100 cars/trucks/customs, including several Thunderbirds, with my Anny being the only SC...
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    SOLD Early Crank Sensor Used

    SOLD Early Style '89~'93 Crank Sensor, Used Ken
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    Early Supercharger Pulley For Sale

    Used OE early/'89~'93 3.135" diameter SC supercharger pulley. Slap this on your late model supercharger for cheap horsepower ;) $45 shipped domestic US, paypal ok. Includes nut.
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    Aftermarket Stereo Wiring - Tunnel or Sills

    For those of you that have run wires between the dash and trunk for your sub-woofer and amp on your SC, did you end up running them from the center of the dash to the outside, then along the sills, or down to the tunnel and then straight back into the trunk? Somewhere else? I've added different...