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  1. tbirdsc357

    For Sale: 4 Winter Tires 225/60/16

    4 winter tires. Used for one season, excellent condition with a manufacture date of 2019 $350 obo Steve
  2. tbirdsc357

    FS..1995 SC

    Its going out to the west coast....vancouver
  3. tbirdsc357

    FS..1995 SC

  4. tbirdsc357

    Meet up for labour day weekend

    Nice pics….good to see more than one SC at a time
  5. tbirdsc357

    FS..1995 SC

  6. tbirdsc357

    FS 1995 SC

    Car is an Auto
  7. tbirdsc357

    FS 1995 SC Price is in Canadian $$$
  8. tbirdsc357

    FS..1995 SC

    One too many supercoupes, need to get rid of this one. Bought this from Bruce a few years ago, was rust free then…rust free now, sprayed with Crown every year i had it. Plugs, wires, K&N filter done last summer. New ford rear shocks, Gabriel Ultra struts, new upper control arms and crank sensor...
  9. tbirdsc357

    Finally tinted the windows

    Looks awesome!
  10. tbirdsc357

    NEED HELP WTB jack shaft pulley and tensioners in ontario

    I have an aluminium under drive jack shaft if you still need one
  11. tbirdsc357

    Couple pics

    Awesome pics Drew, good to see you and the kid enjoying a nice drive. He's getting big
  12. tbirdsc357


    Ive been fat for about 3 weeks now....don’t complain
  13. tbirdsc357

    Moon roof instal

    Nice, progress is good
  14. tbirdsc357

    Auto Show Review

    As always.....great review!
  15. tbirdsc357

    For Sale: Falken ZIEX 245\50\16

    Manufacture date of 2018, purchased 7 months ago, less than 5000kms on them, looking to go with some bigger aftermarket wheels so I’d like to sell these, if not ill wait till they are worn before going with new rims...Paid close to $650 for them, asking $450....again they are pretty much new.
  16. tbirdsc357

    Starting to drive my 95 more regularly

    Looks good, no sense in having them sit and not drive em
  17. tbirdsc357

    Starting to drive my 95 more regularly

    Ive been the same for a few years now, the white SC has had the suspension completely redone, its tight and fun to drive at its current power where near the fastest thing on the street but it’s enjoyable. I drive the pretty much stock blue SC year round, including winter, and that’s...