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  1. Ira R.

    1994 Super Coupe w/ nice modifications and low mileage

    For those of you who have been asking all these years that you wanted to be notified when I decided to let the car go, well here's your chance to get in on the sale before anyone else. Let's start by saying that the car has been modified and here is where you can see a complete list of what's...
  2. Ira R.


    So what's the best way to figure out if the water pump is gone? And is there a way to check the thermostat without having to pull it? I guess I can pull the thermostat to determine if that is the problem, but I'm not sure if there is a way to check the pump. All I know is that if I pop the...
  3. Ira R.

    Cooling Fan Problems

    For those of you who don't already know, we had a problem getting home from the Shoot Out. Car overheated in the middle of the night in the middle of nowhere. So we called it a night in some rinky-dink motel and waited for sunlight. After spending hours looking for a shop that was willing to...
  4. Ira R.

    An Entirely New Engine Concept??

    Gear heads discuss:
  5. Ira R.


    I have had enough of the lousy shocks available to us, and I am tired of waiting for Tokiko to get their act together. I can't stand it anymore! I don't want to hear about KYB or Tokiko Blue or Green or Red or any other supposed stock replacement shock. What I want is a shock that works. A...
  6. Ira R.

    New Shocks

    I have 4 brand new KYB shocks. The were installed in the car and replaced with less than 1000 miles on them. These are the straight bolt in stock replacements. I have two front shocks and two rear shocks. I also have brand new mounts and spring sets as well if you want them. Part # SM5465...
  7. Ira R.

    LI TBird Club Show

    Went to the local car show today just to hang out and relax. Saw some really nice cars too. Some random rods.
  8. Ira R.

    AutoMeter Guages

    Duplicate post, sorry. But buy the gauges anyway!
  9. Ira R.

    AutoMeter Guages

    Autometer Gauges Carbon Fiber 2 1/16" in diameter Set of 3 gauges. These fit nicely into the standard gauge pods. Electronic Boost with memory (autometer #4777) Water Temp (autometer #4732) Oil Pressure (autometer #4721) Just removed from car, new they would cost you about $360 for the set...
  10. Ira R.

    Kooks Mid-Length Headers

    Kooks Mid.Length Headers These headers are right off the car. They could use a little cleaning and maybe new collectors but you can bolt them right on as is if you prefer. A key component to any exhaust system and have proven ability to work at any horsepower level. Sorry, pictures didn't come...
  11. Ira R.

    Custom Intake Assembly Available

    Custom assembly includes 80mm C&L MAF, intake tube and filter. The MAF is not "calibrated" specifically as no 80mm MAF's can be calibrated to a specific injector. This one was tuned to 60lb injectors and it still had range left at 450rwhp so it should work for you. It will require a tune to...
  12. Ira R.

    60lb Siemens Injectors

    $200.00 shipped to you
  13. Ira R.

    Got any spare change....

    Because you might need it for this one!
  14. Ira R.

    Sccoa tee shirts

    Anyone know if we have any more of the club "got boost" tee shirts somewhere? I need to order a couple. .
  15. Ira R.

    DUPLICATE POST - SORRY - Sccoa shirts

    Anyone know if we have any more shirts somewhere? I need to order a couple. .sorry duplicate (post)
  16. Ira R.

    Another Idle Problem Question

    This isn't exactly a problem about the idle. The car will idle quite nicely at about 750-800 at a full stop. The problem is that if I don't coast into that full stop the idle falls off and the car will/may stall. When I have to brake any harder then usual the rpm's fall off to about 500 and...
  17. Ira R.

    Car of December

    Just a great looking car this month!! And the picture is just wondeful!! Ira
  18. Ira R.

    Parts / Welding

    Anyone have any contacts where I can get a flange welded back onto the intake plenum?? It's hard to see in the picture but the plenum is no longer connected to the TB; just hanging there next to it.
  19. Ira R.

    No Boost?

    What could cause the stock boost gauge to just stop working? All of the connections look fine but I haven't taken the dash apart yet because I can't see how the hose could just fall of the back of the gauge out of nowhere. I can feel that I am still getting the usual boost but I was wondering...
  20. Ira R.


    Need an EEC for my 95 5 speed. Send a PM please. Need to have this in hand pretty quickly. Ira