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  1. 1FSTBRD

    Comp Cams dual valve springs and retainers

    1 set of Comp Cams dual valve springs and retainers for sale, $70. They were installed on a set of heads, but have never seen usage.
  2. 1FSTBRD

    Tons of parts for sale; lots of aftermarket go fast stuff

    If anyone wants some pictures, I can post some. Right now, I'm just listing what I have. I'm parting out my SC as well, and the deadline is gets towed away for scrap. It's a white SC with very good grey interior with leather/ tweed seats. Before anyone asks, the cowl is cracked. :D...
  3. 1FSTBRD

    Did a cam/ heads install; turns over but won't start

    I did a cam/ heads install on my Mustang a couple of months ago, no problems (other than a erratic/ hunting idle that was solved by raising the idle). Here, I'm a bit stumped, because the car had no issues before the teardown. I think that it may have something to do with fuel or spark (or a...
  4. 1FSTBRD

    I need huge help with QH/ Binary Editor

    I realize that there's lots of threads in the search function, but I couldn't find anything that comprehensively dealt with this.....people seem to have one issue or a bunch. I've gone on BE's help/ walkthrough, but I'm extremely frustrated right now, because I'm coming from an SCT Livewire on...
  5. 1FSTBRD

    Insulation in between intake manifold and supercharger?

    I've thought about putting some sort of insulation material in between the intake manifold and supercharger, to keep the sources of heat to themselves and out of each other. Has anyone actually done this, and if so, what have you noticed in terms of temperatures? If anyone has any advice or...
  6. 1FSTBRD

    I hate broken bolts!!!

    I'm in the middle of doing my cam and heads, and I absolutely hate broken and stripped bolts. The hex head bolt with the security Torx for the camshaft position sensor had stripped, the bolt on the passenger side of the bottom of the timing chain cover had broken off, and two bolts for the...
  7. 1FSTBRD

    36 lb injectors

    I have a set of 6 used 36 lb injectors from a 94-95 SC that I had bought off of Bill at SC Performance. I haven't installed them or used them on my own car, as I was acquiring things for a build, and then ended up realizing that I should get some 42's instead. Asking $100 + shipping (I live in...
  8. 1FSTBRD

    Got my cam and Quarterhorse

    My cam, Quarterhorse/ Binary Editor, upgraded valve springs, retainers and hardened pushrods arrived in the mail from Dave D! I'm thrilled to finally get these. I'm waiting on my DIY ported heads to get some new valve guides and a valve job and resurfacing, but this should make some killer power.
  9. 1FSTBRD

    Texturing the inside of the SC top

    Has anyone tried this? I've mulled this over for a while in terms of doing it on heads (I did this on my SC heads that are currently being milled/ pressure checked/ flowed) and Larry Meaux has had good success in terms of dynoing and using texturing on many of his engines that have won races...
  10. 1FSTBRD

    Rock Auto has a blowout/ closeout sale on tons of SC stuff

    If anyone's looking for various things, Rock Auto currently has a blowout/ closeout sale on a ton of stuff, including head bolts and head gaskets. I'd picked myself up a timing chain set also, for when I put my custom cam in this summer.
  11. 1FSTBRD

    Ported 94/95 exhaust manifolds

    Don't need a set anymore, because shoalcracker has hooked me up.
  12. 1FSTBRD

    It is time to extol the awesomeness of these photos again

    At the car show last year, this guy had an SC engine in a mid-50's Austin. He said that he was running a 12.9 in the 1/4 mile, and I can believe that, because in a less than 2000 lb car, he's doubling the power to weight ratio in it.
  13. 1FSTBRD

    Coolant temp gauge sensor--how difficult is the wire to replace?

    This thing is pretty fragile by the looks of it, and when I was taking off the thermostat housing thing, it didn't take much to get the wire to fall away from the sensor, and by the looks of the wire, the inner metal wire is surrounded by glass, I'm assuming, to insulate it from engine bay heat...
  14. 1FSTBRD

    Got my Moroso air/ oil separator

    The amount of oil that ends up in the supercharger, intakes and intercooler/ tubing bugs me. I've had one of these air/ oil separators on my Mustang, and it's kept the intakes and system almost completely clean, and I like the drain valve. I'll try to set it up this weekend and then take...
  15. 1FSTBRD

    What 42 lb injectors do you use?

    What have you guys used, and what will fit on our cars? I'm trying to price out some new and used options.
  16. 1FSTBRD

    WTB: narrow gas tank

    I need a narrow style gas tank to complete my true dual exhaust. I live in Canada, and our dollar is worth about 70 cents US (might need a bit of a deal), so if anyone can help a brotha' out, that would be awesome.
  17. 1FSTBRD

    My analysis of the SC heads

    Just bought a nice used pair off of Bill at SC Performance, and have gave 'em the once over and these are my thoughts--I'm not a pro by any stretch of the imagination, but have studied up on head design and porting and polishing. Dave D obviously knows a lot, so I'm curious as to his thoughts on...
  18. 1FSTBRD

    Recommendations on shift kits/ AOD upgrades

    Now that the cooler fall weather is back, the car feels like it's gained way more power. The stock AOD feels like it may be slipping a tad at WOT (slightly hanging shift), but I think that it's probably just trying to keep the stock shifts which are already slipped a bit more from the factory...
  19. 1FSTBRD

    PCV discussion on headgasket life

    With head gasket failures being as common as they are on these cars, I was wondering if the PCV system contributes to that. I'm not a huge expert on PCVs, but from what I know, their function is to vent the crankcase of too much pressure/ blowby, and also to reduce emissions, but one thing I had...
  20. 1FSTBRD

    Guess what vehicle I saw a SC engine in!

    I had brought the SC to the local car show tonight, and was about to leave to go on a Sunday night cruise. I'd seen a unique looking 50's car.....must have been European or British or something. I look at the side badges and it said "Austin of England" on it. I look under the hood and there's a...