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    35th anniversary watch

    Very nice! I agree, seeing they are still in their case I don't they were ever worn.
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    1990 Anniversary SC 26,700 miles

    Mine is 0854 The car was manufactured Mar 19th Actually all 3 of mine are within 6 day's of each other. I've never seen it confirmed anywhere but I've always believed that all the Anni's must have been made consectulvy or at least the last portion of March. There is a member on here from...
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    1990 Anniversary SC 26,700 miles

    If you look back under the non technical forum, Sept 18th I posted some pic's of the watch that came with 1 of my Anni's as well as some of the dealer forms for ordering the associated accessories that were in the package sent to the dealers Nov 89. I've never been able to confirm what the #...
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    rock auto &fedex rip off

    Any update &/or resolution from Fed Ex or RockAuto?
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    94 thunderbird differential

    Not familiar with non S/C applications. Did they possibly only use 7.5 ring gear rather then 8.8?
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    Aod transmission help

    You just joined this site a hour ago? Noise from rear? Are you sure not the diff Instead of trans? If making a such a loud noise, why are you driving it & doing more damage? If your taking it to 130? & something locks up in the driveline(trans or diff)-YOUR SCREWED!! So many possibilities...
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    Parts for sale

    Safe trip & good luck in Alberta.
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    supercharger case

    EVTM is Electrical/Vacuum Troubleshooting Manual. Its the supplement to the main service/repair Ford manual. Goes into more detail as far as testing/diagnosis/operating theory of electrical & vacuum issue's as well as wiring schematic's & vacuum diagrams & component location's, grounds...
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    Blower motor

    So if you have digital ATC (Automatic Temp Control) or ECC (Electronic Climate Control) I think people call them different things, the most common failure on this system is the blower speed control module which is in the blower housing beside the blower motor( same place the blower resister...
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    91 giving me hell again

    After looking in the EVTM, I think the door keypad is grounded at G300 which is a ground buss located on LH floor pan at base of A pillar. I think its actually behind the LH kick panel, not on the floor itself. Light green/yellow wire. Interior/courtesy light wire is black/light blue. That is...
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    Blower motor

    What year? Manual or Auto climate controls? The blower motor does does turn on, but blows cold? Trying to understand what your issue is? I think you mentioned in another post the car was a recent purchase & you hadn't purchased any manuals for it yet? A copy of EVTM especially if you plan on...
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    4r70w speedometer off

    Or check with the shop that did the rebuild. They either swapped the shaft or didn't give you your orig trans back Too late & too much work to change shafts now I think?
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    A/C System rebuild

    My thoughts are, the original component's are capable of cooling the car very well. If your anni edition is stock in appearance , since you are the original owner, I'd try to maintain that & not change stuff,just my opinion though. If you do change the compressor &/or condenser the connections...
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    4r70w speedometer off

    I agree, especially with it being a non S/C or XR-7. Not sure how many different possibilities for a regular car
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    FS 1995 SC

    It sold in October. Went to Vancouver B.C. I believe.
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    1994 Super Coupe Auto Teal

    He hasn't logged on since placing the add almost a year ago.
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    91 giving me hell again

    I think the wire that was causing me issue's grounded the keyless module in trunk to the keyless pad on door. The module also used this ground to control the interior lights when it was activated by keypad. I've got a new Ford hinge that I've never installed & it has instructions & a short...
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    91 giving me hell again

    The harness I was referring to runs from dash back to the trunk & along the outside of drivers seat. That may the 1 end of it that you are showing in pic with splice's in it. In a rectange kind of plastic conduit if I remember correctly. I think the break/corrosion in mine was almost directly...
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    4r70w speedometer off

    Did they rebuild your original trans though? I thought you bought a exchange 1 from a rebuilder just before Thanksgiving & it didn't work, so you bought another replacement from another company?
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    It appears he hasn't been on here since May, so I wouldn't expect a reply in the near future or maybe ever?