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    For Sale: 1993 Thunderbird SC - Auto 139k miles Includes everything listed above and 5 original 1993 wheels, car cover, 2 drag radials and most original parts including original super charger. Needs: - new tires, - new windshield - some paint work - exhaust Car is...
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    Ford Magazines For Sale

    It is time for these magazines to go, they have been stored in a smoke free home since I received them and have my name on the labels. They are in magazine holders/racks and I want to sell/donate/give the holders to you with the magazines. I don't know how much to ask for them, I really just...
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    The server may be down for up to 15 minutes some time this morning as we make some configuration changes to PHP.
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    For Sale: 2002 MN12 Nationals Shirt Never Worn

    In end of Summer cleaning I found this old 2002 MN12 Nationals t-shirt, it has never been worn or washed, it is an XL. I am not an XL, so there is no way I could even get into it. Normally I would toss something like this or use it as rag, but I am thinking someone may want it, maybe you...
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    Brief outtage today

    We had a brief outtage of the forums today as we upgraded to the latest version of vbulletin and encountered a corrupt table. everything looks fine now.
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    Congrats Super Coupe of the Month -ron
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    RSS/XML Live Bookmarks now enabled

    RSS/XML Live Bookmarks now enabled, enjoy. -Ron
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    SC on the cover of

    I can't tell... Happy Thanksgiving! Hope everyone's travel is safe. -Ron
  9. B forums upgraded to 3.5.1

    I upgraded the forums to vbulletin 3.5.1 today, and there may be some display issues, I will be correcting them as time permits. Thanks for you patience, Ron
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    California Member Map Warning, may take a minute or two to open. Enjoy, Ron
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    California Member Map Warning, may take a minute or two to open. Enjoy, Ron
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    Florida Member Map Warning, may take a minute or two to open. Enjoy, Ron
  13. B moving to dedicated server will be moving to a new dedicated server this weekend April 1,2,3 2005. This means the site may not be accessible, or the boards may be down at times, or locked (read-only). Please prepare yourself for this transition and thanks for your support. -Ron
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    Member section of

    Did you know there was a member section on the site at: and that the section has 1,059 cars in it with 1,850 pictures.
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    New Super Coupe Hat Design: Black with Blue Stripe

    I have two of these, if the interest is there I will make more... Black Hat with Blue Stripe $20 + $5 shipping which is always USPS Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation. First two to PM me or email at get these. Thanks, Ron
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    New Camoflauge and Checkered SC Hats

    Trying some new designs out- Checkered hat with stripe, I have 2 hats with Super Coupe logo and 1 with LX logo, price is $20. I have one Advantage Timber camo hat with Super Coupe logo, price is $15. Shipping on all hats is a flat $5, regardless of how many items you order and is USPS...
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    For Sale: Sports Gray Fleece Vest with SC Embroidery

    I have one of these vests it is an Extra Large (XL): Price is now $40 and includes shipping. I accept paypal - and money orders. Email me or send me a private message if you are interested. This is a great vest for the Fall, you can wear shirts underneath and still not...
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    For Sale: Olive Green SC Hat

    For Sale: Olive Green Embroidered SC Hat I have 1 Olive hat still available: $20 plus $5 shipping via USPS Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation. Private message me or send me an email at if you are interested.
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    208 Shootout Pictures If you have some you want added, send them to -Ron
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    Crappy camera phone, but I had to take a picture...