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  1. David Neibert

    Affordable smoke test kit

    I just wanted to share info on the smoke leak test kit I bought on Amazon for finding vacuum/boost leaks. I used it on my car Sunday to see if I had any vacuum leaks and the only thing I found was a small...
  2. David Neibert

    Fiberglass hood pins/latches ?

    Anyone here using this hood latch ? Currently using pins and washers with felt glued to back side.
  3. David Neibert

    Car show last weekend....

    Kurt K, Duane Nettles and me all attended a small car show with our wives this past Saturday. None of us won anything, but it was fun just getting together again. Kurt brought his super clean 35th Anny and his black 92 SC, Duane brought his 95 F150 Lightning and I brought my white 91 SC. David
  4. David Neibert

    Wanted NOS Ford F1SF-12A297-BA or Motorcraft DY-958 DIS ignition module.

    Looking for New old Stock DIS ignition module for my 91 SC spare parts collection. I'm only interested in NEW with either of the part numbers listed above. Please PM me with asking price if you have an extra you are willing to sell. Thanks, David
  5. David Neibert

    Nice day to drive my 91 SC

    Seems like its been sitting in the garage for way too long and since this is the last day of Summer, I decided to drive it to work. Over the past couple years I've been doing a lot of stuff to the car to make it a more comfortable driver instead of fastest possible on the drag strip. New shocks...
  6. David Neibert

    Back to my favorite wheels.....

    Installed this new staggered set of 18" x 9" & 18" x 10" Saleen style wheels last night. These aren't as flashy and modern looking as the 20" Ferrada wheels I had, but I think they are a better match for me.
  7. David Neibert

    AC reinstalled on my 91 SC along with a couple more upgrades....

    Switched from a MP FMIC with AC deleted to a traditional FMIC with full width Griffin radiator, full width condenser and OEM style fan....all for a 97 Thunderbird. To make room for the new IC tube routing, the battery was relocated to the trunk. While the car was apart, the stock timing chain...
  8. David Neibert

    New exhaust and dyno video 91 SC

    Back on the Dream Crusher after installing a new quieter exhaust system. It made about the same power as usual on pump gas tune 481 HP/415 TQ SAE corrected and 486/418 actual. I also included the video from last time on this dyno with old exhaust so you can hear the difference. Me and Kathy took...
  9. David Neibert

    SOLD 042419 Long tube headers and stainless exhaust system for sale

    Selling my complete stainless tig welded exhaust system including the mild steel jet hot coated long tube headers with 3" collectors. See the link below for photos and other info from when system was first built and installed by a local race shop fabricator Dan Saitz in 2007. Since original...
  10. David Neibert

    Dyno video from Shootout

    My 91 SC pulled 490 rwhp & 451 rwtq in the Shootout dyno competition, which was enough to win my class. Big thanks to Jacob Royer for his old plug wires. nGosqLIma8Q David
  11. David Neibert

    New 20" wheels for my 91 SC

    Ordered these Ferrada F3 wheels a few weeks ago after seeing some 20" wheels on Chris Vining's car during The Epic Drive. They are very similar to the wheels Micah put on his SC several years ago, but these look more like Saleen Speed Stars and have different offset for better fit on the rear...
  12. David Neibert

    First time driving my SC this year

    I had forgotten how much better this car drives since adding new shocks, new driveshaft, tighter converter, stainless brake hoses and removing the sub-frame braces. I'm also enjoying the new Kenwood head unit with bluetooth and Kicker speakers, new MTXL wideband and mini shift light. Car is...
  13. David Neibert

    91 SC end of hibernation video

    Ready to put some miles on car to see how I like the new torque converter. Feels a lot less slippy than the 3500 Dirtydog I had. fjHnoSYq6n4 David
  14. David Neibert

    91 SC pulls 504 rwhp on the Dream Crusher

    From a recent visit to SCU Nov 10-12 when new converter and stainless brake lines were installed, some repairs were made and finally some more dyno tuning. This car just doesn't like the methanol injection, even after changing plugs, nozzle size, coil pack and DIS module we were still getting...
  15. David Neibert

    Registration deadline for shirts Sunday Sept 24th

    Shirt order is being placed Monday morning, so you must be registered by midnight Sunday Sept 24th to be guaranteed a t-shirt. David
  16. David Neibert

    Anyone use stop leak for pinion seal ?

    Found a small leak on my differential pinion and don't really have time to change seal before Power Tour. Options are do nothing and hope it holds up for about 1300 miles, or drain some of the gear lube and add some stop leak. Just wondering if anyone here has ever tried stop leak in the diff...
  17. David Neibert

    Road trip to SCU with my 91 SC

    Road trip to SCU inc & TI Dyno a few weeks ago with Kathy to get my SC ready for Hot Rod Power Tour. Got the new MTX-L wideband installed, gauge pod rewired, new QH chip installed, new set of shocks installed and then we put it on the dyno to check the tune. Everytime we went WOT the voltage...
  18. David Neibert

    2017 SC/XR7 Shootout Dates & Location

    Registration is OPEN ! Dates: October 6th-8th Hotel: Four Points by Sheraton Lexington 1938 Stanton Way Lexington, KY 40511 859-259-1311 Our group registration is under "Supercoupe Shootout". Group rate is $109.00/night for all rooms. Rooms...
  19. David Neibert

    2016 Shootout results We also have a Shootout FB page were the photos are hosted and sponsors are listed. David
  20. David Neibert

    2016 Shootout results We also have a Shootout FB page were the photos are hosted and sponsors are listed. David