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    Happy Holidays everyone.

    Hoping that everyone in the S/C & XR-7 communiity & their families have a great day.
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    Passive seat belt system for U.S. sold cars

    Just curious when they dropped the passive seat belt system (P) & went to active system (B) ? 1994 when they went to SRS? Thanks
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    35th anniversary watch

    This watch came with one of my anniversary editions. I'm not sure how many people actually ordered it at the time they ordered the car or how many of them have survived or are still around. I was told that the 0854 on the back would be for the 854th anniversary edition they made. I have always...
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    Retail sale would mean sold when the order was placed?

    Am I correct to assume that "retail sale" means it was already sold? 1 of my anni's was built 12 days after the order was placed & on schedule. The other which was "stock" was built 57 days after order date & 15 days behind schedule. They were both built within 6 days of each other, but it...
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    35th anniversary edition 5 spd for sale

    Time to make some more room. 1990 Thunderbird S/C with 5 spd, 1 of only 792 5 speed anni's. 235, 610km. Clutch & heads done 16,000 ago. JBL sound system, keyless, moonroof, light group( auto dim, cornering lamps, delay), power anttena. Good driver, but orig paint has some c/c peeling, front...
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    What grease to use on D.I.S. module base

    Dielectric or ? It acts as a heat sink I'm told. Is anything better then nothing? Thanks
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    Stereo Rehab in Ontario

    Does anyone know of a individual of company that deals with factory radio & c.d. player repairs &/or diagnostics? I messaged Paul Protos in U.S. but he's had too many issues with shipping & receiving to Canada. Thanks
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    Last of the MN12's for me.

    Sold the last of the Super Coupe's/XR-7's & all of the related parts last night. Met some nice people along the way when this chapter was active years ago. But times & interests change, so it was time to pass them on to some new/younger people that have more of a passion for them then I do...
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    Date codes on shocks or shelf life?

    I see another thread here discussing shocks & condemning them based on age(not nessasarily mileage) Do they deteriate just from sitting on shelf & is there a date code on them or any way to tell when they were manufactured? I bought 6 N.O.S. fronts & 8 rears in 2006 (I think-will have to...
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    Camshaft differences auto vs manual

    I was told that manual cars received a different cam then auto's that was identified by a blue stripe across the rear of block &/or rear cam expandable plug at Essex plant, so that Loraine workers could I.D. which trans to attach. Also was flexplate or flywheel installed at Essex for final...
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    WANTED:Pump Motor Relay

    No longer need. Found at local U.A.P Thanks anyways.
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    WANTED: Pump Motor Relay

    Found one at local U.A.P. Thanks anyways.
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    Super Coupes & XR-7 for sale in Peterborough Area

    See my post In "Cars for sale" forum. As stated in the add, not in a hurry to sell, but my priorities have changed & just don't have the time to spend on them anymore. .
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    Time to thin out the flock

    Not in a hurry to sell, but thought I'd see if any interest in a few cars that need a new/better home. 89 XR-7, white with grey interior, auto,keyless,autolamp 235,600km. 90 S/C Anni edition, 5spd( been told rare in a 35th) moon & keyless,autolamp 260,000km 90 S/C Anni edition, auto...
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    W.T.B Clutch master push rod swivel joint at pedal

    Delete post. decided to sell affected vehicle
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    Employee unit

    If my memory serves me correctly (& that's getting more rare) someone posted a picture of a metal tag on here that was wired to the floorpan or seat brkt under the capeting of a MN-12 chassis that has the words "employee unit" stamped out of it. I just found something simular on a 88 Turbo Coupe...
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    Xr-7 grille

    Anybody have a grille (with brkt's) for 89 or 90 XR-7 ?I don't need the chrome cougar symbol,just tired of trying to fix/glue this one back together.Before I got the car I'm guessing people were trying to open the hood by grabbing onto it looking for the safety latch to the left. Thanks
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    A/C cut off

    Does anyone know at what throttle position % or engine rpm the compresser is supposed to kick out ?Which is it- r.p.m. or throttle ?Can it be altered? Just another thought, is it possible that E.C.M. will turn off compress if coolant temp goes past a certain value ?
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    I need 1 for 89 Cougar.I have a turbo coupe parts car,does any body know if they are the same or compatible? They look very simular except the shape of plastic resovoir is different,maybe the pump,master, booster assy are the same ?
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    New addition to the flock

    Just picked up a 77 t-bird with 4,410 miles(not km).Had not been driven from Sept 79-Aug 12 when they drove it from kaladar to Toronto 1,000 miles(almost a 1/4 of its total now) 351M C6 2:75 trac loc.Autotemp air conditioning(simular to ecc in newer cars),windows,locks,leather,tilt,cruise...