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  1. joenintiesc

    Starts then dies, where to begin...

    1994. I bought the car in 2014, it has QH installed and tuned for all the mods (60# injectors, etc). Has wide-band O2 sensors. I’ve never messed with the tuning, never even hooked up a laptop. It’s always started, though I don’t drive it very often at all, so I keep a battery tender connected...
  2. joenintiesc

    2nd Annual NJTACC Summer BBQ Pool Party!!!

    If you came last year, you know it was a great time! If you didn't, here's your second chance! Saturday, August 6th at 3pm. Howell, NJ 07731. PM me for address. Bring you swimsuit/ towel, beverage of choice, and anything else you feel like. Bring the wife/girlfriend, kids, or come alone! Plenty...
  3. joenintiesc

    Multi-function switch compatability challenge!

    I bought the one with the yellow writing from Brand is Motorcraft and it was listed under my vehicle, 1994 Thunderbird SC. The one with the white writing is the one on there now. Any ideas if the new one is going to work? I have auto lamps on my 94.
  4. joenintiesc

    Question about aftermarket oil press sending unit install

    I want to install my new oil pressure gauge. I'd also like to keep the stock gauge hooked up and working as well. If I use the tee fitting pictured below, do I also use the stock stalk/ fitting in the other pic? I don't see how i would be able to squeeze the two sending units into that tight...
  5. joenintiesc

    Where are the oil experts?

    I need some help figuring out which is the right oil to use. 1994 SC, recently rebuilt motor with all the go fast goodies Driven mostly in Spring/Summer/Fall, less than 3000 miles/year Full Synthetic Last oil change I used RP 5W30 and Motorcraft filter. Ford specifies 5W20 according to this...
  6. joenintiesc

    New Facebook Group up and running!

    Hey everybody! As Bryan had promised, the Facebook group for our club is up and running, and getting lots of action already!  Check it out and join! It will be simpler to post pics, create events and see head counts. Great job Bryan!
  7. joenintiesc

    HID's - yes or no?

    I'm really unhappy with the light output on my '94. My headlights are fairly new and clean. Is there a general consensus that HID's are an improvement over stock bulbs? But I don't like the idea of getting flashed by oncoming drivers because I'm one of those obnoxious car owners that doesn't...
  8. joenintiesc

    May Super Mini Meet!

    Bryan and I want to try to get a little meet together before Carlisle! Here are the details: Saturday, May 16th 3pm Quaker Steak & Lube® Edison 561 U.S. 1 Edison, NJ 08817 This will be a "restaurant meet" and should last just a few hours...
  9. joenintiesc

    NEXT MN-12/FN-10 'mini' meet - Philly Auto Show

    Since the first meet at Bryan's house in October was such a success, how about a second "micro-mini" meet at the Philly Auto Show (running from 1/31 through 2/8)? This would be a great T-bird themed meet since Pat DiPersia Anniversary SC will be there...
  10. joenintiesc

    Would these be good options for JBL sub replacement?

    In my 94? Woofer 6 ohm: Would an 8 ohm work without issue? Like the one below? Or no because it is not for car audio...
  11. joenintiesc

    What type of plastic are the interior trim pieces made of?

    Polycarbonate? On the back of the gauge cluster trim are the letters "PC" and "WPP". Anyone know?
  12. joenintiesc

    Plastic welder for interior trim repair?

    Is this the best and most permanent way to repair the ridiculously fragile clips, mounting tabs, etc. on the backs of interior trim pieces?
  13. joenintiesc

    sticky gauge needels

    Has anyone else dealt with the occasional gauge needle sticking here and there? I've noticed that sometimes the speedo needle and boost/vac needle will stick for a moment before jumping to it's proper location on the gauge. I have my speedo out right now to fix the broken odometer gear, and...
  14. joenintiesc

    Idler/ tensioner pulley

    Is this the correct pulley? I was going to order 3 as my understanding is that the smaller JS pulley is no longer available, and it is ok to use the same size in all three locations... DORMAN # 419612 {#F4DZ6C348A, F4SZ6B209A, F8UZ6B209CA} O.D.: 76; Width (mm); 38; Material: Steel; Type: Profiled
  15. joenintiesc

    94 SC - what vac line is this?

    I found one end disconnected. It runs along the passenger side engine compartment below intake tube towards front of car. Left most line first in pic below. Where do I reattach it?
  16. joenintiesc

    Help me remember my caliper options!

    Way back when I upgraded to MK8 spindles/end links on my 90 SC. Then I upgraded to Cobra brakes with SS brake lines in the front. Then a few weeks ago I took the Cobra setup an swapped it onto my 94 (and found out the SS lines would not swap over because the line side fitting is different). So...
  17. joenintiesc

    SS brake line adapters (SS line to stock line)

    Can those fittings that come with the SS brake line kit, that mate the SS line to the stock hard line at the mounting point, be gotten easily? I am trying to swap the Cobra front brake setup from my 90 to my 94, leaving the SS brake lines attached to the Cobra calipers, and I've discovered that...
  18. joenintiesc

    94 front brake bleed ?

    All I want to do is swap the front Cobra brakes I have on my 90 onto my 94, since I am experiencing a lot of fade since I put new wheels on the 94. I don't have that special bleeder box for the Teves MK IV unit - please tell me I don't really need it... I just want to purge the air out of the...
  19. joenintiesc

    JBL aarrggghhh!! Need help!

    94 with JBL Premium sound incl. sub/amp. I replaced the stock radio/cassette with an aftermarket Pioneer CD player, and the PAC OEM-FRD1 wiring harness/ controller, which is supposed to keep the JBL system working as intended. After getting everything spliced in correctly, it sounded great...
  20. joenintiesc

    4R70W shifting issues

    The 94 I just picked up (137k miles) is having trouble shifting into 2nd. Drove fine a few days ago, this morning the rpms's would rev past 3k upon initial acceleration, then it would shift after I let off the gas. Shifting seems fine everywhere else, and no weird sounds. Fluid is nice and red...