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  1. davec73

    10% jackshaft pulley.

    I need a 10% jackshaft Pulley if anyone has one preferably aluminum.
  2. davec73

    Cooling system upgrades and Intercooler fun!

    Several months ago I decided to go to a full width radiator and mark 8 fan. My original plan was to add ac back to the car but at this point I just want to get it back running because everything worked really well beforehand. I also got to looking at everything u was going to have to change to...
  3. davec73

    Griffin Radiator and custom fan

    I have a nearly new custom Griffin radiator with billett cap. It also has a custom carbon fiber hydrodipped sc fan. Please pm me for details i need to give it a new home and im open to offers.
  4. davec73

    The Big E thread!

    Well fellas Tim Groth stumbled upon some parts for sale in North Carolina where The Big E is from. I havnt seen him on the forums for quite some time but Tim knows his place and when he arrived to get parts he knew it was Eds place and his cars but the guy selling the parts was not Ed and...
  5. davec73

    Polished griffin radiator

    I am adding ac back to my car and im changing the radiator while uts out. I also have a carbon fiber hydro dipped fan that can go with it for a little extra.
  6. davec73

    Cobra chin spoiler

    So while i was removing the surge tank setup modifying the fuel system for the in tank hellcat pump I decided to have the front bumper redone and added a Cobra chin spoiler. With the intercooler having all the clean air up front i thought it would be ok to add it to clean up the look of the...
  7. davec73

    Victor Malvar Spinning wheels SC

    Hey everyone I just heard some very sad news. I recieved word yesterday that Victor of Spinning wheels SC one of our long time members, friend and a vendor to the SC platform has passed away. I know he hasnt been around much lately and im assuming his health has been poor. I know he meant...
  8. davec73

    Fuel system for e85 high hp

    As alot of you know i went with a surge tank when i decided to run e85. Well after i had my exhaust redone because of a bad resonator I discovered my surge tank was leaking again which was a huge contribution to the fuel smell problem i had. Because of the limited amount i drive the car much...
  9. davec73

    Lat model fuel pump housing.

    I am in need of a late model 93 _ 95 fuel pump housing with the sending unit.
  10. davec73

    Exhaust round 3

    Well its been a while! I havnt really done much to my car since i got the 4.2 installed. Chris vining has been helping me tune it for the past few months and all of the sudden it started making strange noises at various rpms. I took it to church last sunday and got in 6th gear and holy drone...
  11. davec73

    Upgrades for 2019!

    Well guys its been a while since I've done one of these. When I built the motor for this car it was a toss up between 3.8 and 4.2. I decided on 3.8 and have been happy so far. Well like everything else that has been done to my car an opportunity presented itself to acquire a known good 4.2 and...
  12. davec73

    Built 3.8 short block.

    I have a built 3.8 short block bored .040 with calico coated diamond pistons arp main studs calico coated rod and main bearings and a high performance comp cam. It comes with a stick timing set. I am pulling the motor to put a 4.2 in my car 3000 obo please PM me or text me at 618 727 0073 for...
  13. davec73

    evap cannister and purge

    I am in need of a known good charcoal evap cannister with all of the lines and the purge valve iff of a 92 sc. i dont think i have the one on my car routed correct and i need the entire deal with all of the hoses attached to the cannister just as they should be.
  14. davec73

    Shootout time! what do you have left to do?

    2017 has been a busy year for me and the car. I rebuilt the motor, went to a 2.1 kenne bell, she sub frame, new wheels, coil over suspension and a bunch of other stuff but those are the high points. however I still have to..... 1. Check duel pump wiring and install kenne bell boost a pump 2...
  15. davec73

    96 97 door and ignition cylinder set with key

    I put late model door handles on my car but the key for the ignition wont work in the doors so i need a matching set.
  16. davec73

    Race fuel for the shootout

    Hey guys I have a sunoco race fuel distributor in my area. I have messed around with alot of different race fuels with my time racing motocross and national EDT as well as with the car. I've used vp primarily but the draw back to the vp fuels have always been that it's leaded or requires a...
  17. davec73

    QA1 Rear coilover kit review.

    I recently decided to purchase the rear Qa1 coilover kit from bill at SCP. I purchased the rear kit from him because i acquired a set of Qa1 frint coilovers that where made for our cars some years ago and i really liked them alot because the ride good but handle much better and make your ride...
  18. davec73

    Addco 1 1/4 front sway bar

    Just as the title states i need the smaller one for clearance issues please lmk what you have.
  19. davec73

    19 8.5 19 19 9.5 staggered custom carbon fiber dipped vsr wheels with khumo ecsta

    Fronts are 19 8.5 +35mm offset with 245 40 19 khumo ecsta the tires may have 1000 miles on them. Rear are also +35 offset with 285 35 19s. They also come with the custom sc center caps. The wheels are 5x4.5 mustang lug pattern i am asking 1600 firm for them plus the ride or i can deliver...
  20. davec73

    AJE motor mount dimensions for new subframe early 89 to 92

    I recently purchased an aje subframe and a arms for my car. My car is a 92 with the early subframe and motor mount configuration. I am posting this thread so its documented that their mounts are wrong. They make the motor sit 2" + too high. The way i figured it out was i put the motor and...