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    90 SC Offerup--

    Not sure if this Jay is apart of sccoa, if so I apologize. But I saw this today and just wanted to say how damn nice his SC is. Love the seats!
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    95 SC 5speed on iaai auction (tx)

    Just seen this 95 5 speed on the iaai site. Passenger side damage in quarter panel. The car looks really nice. Posted in case anyone lives near the area. Ryan
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    Making room in my storage, few SC parts

    Hey everyone. I got a bit of work to do on my Supercoupe but space in my storage is quite limited. All of these parts came off my previous SC's and have been stored in plastic totes. Let me know what you think they are worth. Figured I'd try selling to other SC owners and not on other sites. -...
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    1989 Ford Thunderbird

    TBirdSC89 submitted a new Showcase Item: 1989 Ford Thunderbird Read more about this showcase item here...
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    Well, this isn't close to Oregon :( Gosh dangit!-auction SC super nice SC at auction
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    Lightning Little burned up just a tad Well, if I had the extra money, I'd be buying it for the power train, definitely won't fit in my Hyundai lol. But maybeeeeeee my supercoupe
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    youtube 3800 engine build

    I'm pretty sure its a gm engine? the title made me think it was the sc motor at first
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    ebay 95sc

    uh oh, low coolant light and check gauges. oil pressure says L too! boost gauge out of whack! i was thinking of maybe bidding butttt
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    Electrical Connectors

    I was browsing for some electrical connectors for mainly my engine bay, both my hyundai and thunderbird need some. I've found a couple sites that seem to have a good amount of connectors, just curious if anyone has come across other sites or avenues for some. Due to the age of the sc's, I like...
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    shoebox tbird?!

    I have seen quite a few of these pop up, locally here in oregon too. Just curious of some opinions of them. From the side I don't think they look too bad. I'm wondering if the mechanics and interior are still stock, original. This one on ebay is right below $14k.
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    Thermostat housing

    This doesn't look right but is there suppose to be a dip in the bottom of the thermostat housing? Almost looks gouged or something. Redid my water pump and tstat, and no matter what I've tried it leaks from the bottom bad. I suspect this is the cause? Firs time doing this on the car since I...
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    water pump

    Just wanted to post some water pump issues I came across. I noticed steam from the hood but the weather has changed colder here in Oregon so I didn't think anything of it. But my sc ran fine and I was checking up on it. After a couple weeks the heat stopped working, but ran ok. Eventually I...
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    1990 Ford Thunderbird

    TBirdSC89 submitted a new Showcase Item: 1990 Ford Thunderbird Read more about this showcase item here...
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    No love

    Not sure if this goes in the technical forum but oh well. I read that the man who made the sc was ridiculed and let go (or quit) from Ford for the car, being that it was overweight and too high of price from what ford wanted. I can't wrap my head around a car this good looking back when I was 4...
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    not a question but yikes

    i was looking thru an auto auction site at my body shop when i saw this 94 sc. hope nobody was hurt bad or killed
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    parts off my 89 and 92 supercoupes, make offers :)

    These parts are off my 1989 and 1992 supercoupes. All are used but in fine working order. I have specified the parts which ones might need work, mainly the brake system. Please contact me by email or phone, 5034008515 for faster response if possible. Here is a list of...
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    1995 SC TBird for sale. White, auto, 156k. Near Portland, Oregon

    my craigslist ad since the pic uploads on this site are veryyyyyy slow.. I am keeping my 1989 sc, so I want to sell my 1995 sc. It has 156,000 miles on it, I only got to drive it for a month before the harmonic balancer fell off. I had the...
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    Does anyone know where this plug might go? I cant seem to find where it goes. Its coming off the harness that goes along the driver side by the radiator. The other connection goes to the fan. Its from my 95 sc, automatic if that makes a difference. Thanks
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    early model sc, wrecking yard find complete

    Just outside McMinnville Oregon. business is McMinnville auto wreckers. they've had the car for 6 months, and they told me it runs really good. Just need cash in hand to put a battery in it and try it out. Didn't check the miles, but its red, and the paint is in bad shape. Inside is real torn up...
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    my 95 supercoupe (white) oregon

    made a craigslist ad, figured this would be better with all the info than what ive been changing on here. Trying to make everything as accurate as can be. I also have the seats covered and dash to protect it from the sun here, its been a little hot lately. I can take pics of it all without the...