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  1. 89XR7TD

    WTB: rear caliper relocation brackets

    Hey guys/DD I'm looking for the relocation brackets if anyone has them laying around and not going to use them? Don't need them right away but collecting parts for future brake swaps, Thanks! Which are better to use, the stock Tbird calipers or the mustang?
  2. 89XR7TD

    Carlisle was fun seeing some of ya again!!! some new faces as well!

    Even though I only went on Saturday it was still a blast seeing you guys and gals!!!! Hope to have my car there next year and to be there from Thursday to Sunday! Until next year, enjoy everyone!
  3. 89XR7TD

    Hopefully when this heat is gone I will get motivation to finish the SC

    I haven't messed with my SC all summer due to being very hot and or working or rain, so hopefully September brings me to finish the motor swap and get it running finally!!!! I know the reward will be great after all said and done but doing everything yourself and no friends coming over to help...
  4. 89XR7TD

    85MM C&L Maf FS:

    Have an 85MM C&L Maf for sale 100 shipped if anyone is interested and a 4" Air Filter new for 50
  5. 89XR7TD

    Hardened 300m Input shaft FS:

    I found an AOD hardened input shaft in my parts inventory that was new never used, looking to get 125.00 shipped Thanks! Helps stock trans to be direct drive I think and it slides inside the trans and other side slides into the torque converter.Takes stress off of the trans and gives non-lock up...
  6. 89XR7TD

    Merry Christmas!!!

    Happy Holidays all my NJ/NY and everybody else that see's this!!!
  7. 89XR7TD

    Merry Christmas!!!

    Hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Holidays out there in Thunderbird/Cougar Land!!!
  8. 89XR7TD

    10% SCP JS pulley, 2 Mafs, 4" filter

    an 85mm C&L tuner maf for 130 still for sale, an 80 C&L maf(SOLD) with Sample tube for the 60# injectors (SOLD),10% SCP JS Pulley 100(SOLD) , and 90 auto chip(SOLD) from Dave Dalke if you have an 89-90 auto. have to check on other stuff I have to put up for sale as well. Thanks for looking, Tom...
  9. 89XR7TD

    Trade 89-92 Stainless steel brake hose kit for Stainless 93-95 hose kit

    Looking to trade my new 89-92 stainless steel brake hose kit for the new brake hoses for the 93-95 like the title says, Thanks! Tom
  10. 89XR7TD

    1990 SC link to click on

    Selling my 90 SC with some good mods $2500 Located Hamilton/Trenton NJ Negotiable Info on link provided
  11. 89XR7TD

    94-95 Windage tray

    I bought this from a member on here a few years ago but haven't used it and probably won't so it's up for sale 70.00 shipped thanks!
  12. 89XR7TD

    Driver side seatbelt latch

    I'm in the process of changing out the sliding seatbelt latch and I have the panel off but not sure about getting it out it is the latch that locks in the seatbelt and moves it forward and backward as you open/close the door. Any help is appreciated this on the 93 SC Thanks!
  13. 89XR7TD

    Lotek Pillar 3 Pod gauge holder

    New never installed Lotek Pillar pod holds 3 gauges 94-95 color is dark gray but you can paint it any color to match your interior 45.00 shipped in U.S. Thanks!
  14. 89XR7TD

    89-90 Sunroof switch cover(SOLD)

    I have an extra sunroof switch cover that I bought from a group buy it looks and fits like the OEM just doesn't have the words on it, I found the original cover in the trunk and that is why I never used this one. These become brittle and break into pieces as does the switch bracket that is...
  15. 89XR7TD

    What's the latest? Any meets in the works?

    Hey everyone, hope you all had a good summer unfortunately it is over and now comes the fall season. Keep in touch brothers n sisters!
  16. 89XR7TD

    WTB: Sunroof seal, power antenna, door chime switch, 93 SC

    Looking for a few things like in the title plus Car cover perhaps like the 35ths came with? Blue dash vinyl cover, the sliding seatbelt latch on the door that locks in the seatbelt with the button to release the seatbelt, Thanks for any help!!
  17. 89XR7TD

    Need a good known Accumulator Ball

    Looking for a good Accumulator ball seems like mine went south.... Thanks!
  18. 89XR7TD

    20% MP J/S & SC Pulley 10 rib Polished + parts

    Looking to sell some stuff that I decided not to use.... 20% 10 rib Pullies-240 shipped new- SOLD" 80# injectors- 150 shipped slightly used- SOLD" MP raised top- 150 shipped used Moates QH 250 shipped new with replaceable battery and USB Cable to plug into laptop SOLD
  19. 89XR7TD

    trunk lock with key(found)

    I'm looking for a trunk lock with keys and door locks with keys, if anyone has any used or NOS for 89-92 let me know thanks!
  20. 89XR7TD

    Roll Call.....

    Give your name and what part of NJ your from... Tom Downs - Hamilton NJ Just some small talk, had a few shots and wine...don't mind me LoL