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  1. SuperCoupe

    WTB lowering springs & shocks

    looking for a descent set of used Eibach, Vogtland, H&R 1.5 or 1.6" lowering springs, a set of Tokico Illumina shocks, and shorter end links to make it all work. Please pm me if you have something anything offer.
  2. SuperCoupe

    Are seat skins/seats left & right only?

    I guess my question is will a passenger seat skin fit on the driver's seat? Also can you bolt a passenger seat to the driver's side or do the seat controls make that not possible? I've always been curious about this, but I've never read anything about it being done.
  3. SuperCoupe

    anti-theft module-plug & play?

    My car does not have any anti theft device. I do have the key pads on my doors to unlock doors/trunk. Would an antitheft module just plug in and work? I assume it would beep the horn if triggered? I wanted to get the unlock module with the key fobs, but the guy who sells them seems to be MIA. I...
  4. SuperCoupe

    Kevin Leitem

    email: I'd rather not post other people's email addresses due to SPAMMING user name: Kevin Leitem vender/individual: individual comments: I've been buying quite a few parts for my SC from Kevin Leithem, and it's been a pleasure to deal with him. His prices are very fair, he always seems to...
  5. SuperCoupe

    90 SC 5 speed-stock rear end gears question

    I believe my 1990 SC 5 speed has 3.08:1 gears from the factory. Is this correct? A friend gave me his old 92 SC AOD gears which are 3.27:1 (he went to 3.73:1) He said the 3.27:1 would make my SC quicker around town, but that I'd probably lose a little top end speed. Would that mean I'd be...
  6. SuperCoupe

    WTB slide out cup holder

    I'm looking for a slide out cup/change holder that fits in the lower console. I have one, but the tabs broke. Please send me a pm if you have one. TIA, Jeff
  7. SuperCoupe

    Door chime sounds sick

    Not that I'm a big fan of the door/ lights chime, but mine can barely be heard now. Do they go bad, or is it a sign of a different issue? It's been like that for a while, but I just thought it might be because my battery was bad. I bought and installed a brand new die hard, but it still sounds...
  8. SuperCoupe

    MAF electronics question?

    I have 2 spare stock MAF's but the part numbers on the electronics are different. One says F1SF-12B579-AA AFH70-02 and has a 2G03 stamped on it, and has a 70 and C38 on the underside (metal side), the other says E9SF-12B579-AA AFH55-03A and has a 8E07 stamped on it, C1 on the underside and the...
  9. SuperCoupe

    WTB syncros

    Need to replace the syncros in my 1990 5 speed SC M5R2, and haven't had any luck finding the carbon lined ones. Seems all the places that used to have them don't anymore. I thought it might be worth putting up a post to see if anyone has a set they are sitting on. Please shoot me a pm if you can...
  10. SuperCoupe

    K&N filter model for a MP intake?

    I just ordered a new cold air kit from Magnum Powers, but much to my surprise it does not come with an air filter for $240 including shipping. If anyone has this kit can you please suggest a filter model for a stock MAF? The filter end of my MAF measure 3.5" across. I've tried the filter...
  11. SuperCoupe

    1990 SC won't pass RI state inspection

    I have a 90 SC 5 speed that has a Mac cold air, full custom dual exhaust w/a pair of Borla's and the rest is basically stock, but it runs really rich...or so my mechanic tells me. Any suggestions on where to start looking? I think I'm going to put a new air filter on it in hopes it might help...
  12. SuperCoupe

    1990 Ford Thunderbird

    Nothing ever goes quite to plan with technology - so we're still working on the migration. More details to follow. For now, feel free to use the forums normally.
  13. SuperCoupe

    thinking of selling the SC

    1990 SC 5 speed 132K miles, always garaged, hardly ever driven. I bought a bass boat so I need a truck to tow it. would consider trade for a descent truck 4wd? Click on the link below for mods etc.
  14. SuperCoupe

    SC running extremely rough

    Last week my SC started sputtering whenever it went into boost. This morning it's running even worse. Almost puttering....kind of like it's running on 3 cylanders. I checked the air filter, and it seems ok (It's a MAC system). I was thinking that maybe the high flow cats might be clogged, maybe...
  15. SuperCoupe

    Fan stays on

    I never had this problem before, but yesterday I took it out for a short ride to get a pizza. I punched it a little on the way home. Pull into the garage, shut it off and the fan came on. Now this has happened before as it normally should. Only this time, the fan kept running. The temp gauge...
  16. SuperCoupe

    Tbird88 AKA Wynn Carter

    Tbird88 AKA Wynn Carter buyer BEWARE About two years ago I shipped out a SC top, and a pair of stock exhaust manifolds. I also shipped out a stock IC, and a bunch of milling tools to help him out, and to offset the cost of the top. He was to ship me a raised top, and ported exhaust manifolds. I...
  17. SuperCoupe

    Headlight problems....HELP!

    OK here's the deal....last week I took my gauge cluster out to change the bezel, and hook up some aftermarket gauges. After putting it back together, my headlights are acting strange. The headlights work when you pull the knob all the way out, but the dash lights, and parking lights do not. No...
  18. SuperCoupe

    mechanical boost gauge install-help please

    I just got a triple gauge pod, and decided to throw in another boost gauge (thinking it might be more accurate than the stock one). Just wondering where I should tap this in? I had it "T" ed off the vac/boost line that goes to the gauge in the dash, but I'd rather it have it's own line. It comes...
  19. SuperCoupe

    NE Meet, April 27 Richmond RI

    Hey All...the second annual NE Spring MN12/SC meet will be happining on April 27, 2003 @ The Washington County Fairgrounds in Richmond, RI. Gates open at 7:00 am, and the cost is 5 bucks per person (not per car). The 5 bucks gets you into the "car show" which is where we will be holding the...
  20. SuperCoupe

    My poor baby (fender bender)

    Some idiot woman pulled out of a driveway, and tagged me. She got a ticket holding her responsible for the accident, but it still sucks. I'll be looking for a replacement wheel after I get the settlement. They wrote it up at 27 hundred for damage, so I think I can put aside a few bucks for a...