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  1. kenewagner

    Custom Double Intercooler

    I guess I am not retiring until mid 2021. So I still have equipment and time to fab up some dbl ICs. Anyone wanting one would need to send me two stock ICs that are useable for me to make them a dbl IC. Just let me know. Ken
  2. kenewagner

    93 twin turbo thunderbird

    I have decided to put my T Bird up for sale. Car has the best of everything performance wise. 3.8 with forged pistons, scat rods, ported heads by David Dalke, his best. Twin precision turbos. All supporting mods to run E85. Tranny is a Lentec strip AOD with manual valve body, ratcheting shifter...
  3. kenewagner

    Custom Double Intercooler

    I am putting one together this week. This will likely be the last one I build as I plan to retire soon. Price is 380 shipped in the mainland US. Ken
  4. kenewagner

    Some new changes

    Getting the car ready to tune. I decided it was time to make some under the hood changes. To many up coming guys in the club are upping their game. It seemed my car was getting dated. I decided to go with a carbon fiber look. I also added a custom chin spoiler. My radiator sets forward compared...
  5. kenewagner

    Transmission cooler

    What is everyone using for an upgrade transmission cooler. Looking to see who has the best and most efficient setup Ken
  6. kenewagner


    Not seeing much on who's going or what everyone has left to do to get ready. So who is going to be there and what is left to be done to be ready? My car is slowly getting together. New injectors are in for the E85 I have to finish wiring in the two step. Finish a custom installation of a new...
  7. kenewagner

    80 lb injectors

    I have my 80lb injectors up for sale. 200 bucks shipping included in the mainland US Ken
  8. kenewagner

    AOD tranny lines

    What size and type are the fittings on the cooling lines going into the AOD planning on replacing the lines and my tranny cooler. Ken
  9. kenewagner

    93 Oil Dip stick tube

    Looking for a complete oil dip stick and tube Ken
  10. kenewagner

    Double Intercooler for Sale

    Putting together another double Intercooler. Price is 350.00 + your old stock IC for a core. Price includes shipping in the mainland US. This is a non shrouded IC. Will be done first of next week. First come first serve. Ken
  11. kenewagner

    Custom double IC

    Will have one ready in about a week. Will be a non shrouded IC. Price will be 350 plus a stock IC for a core. Price includes shipping in the mainland US Ken
  12. kenewagner

    Sam Malone

    I am sad to report that Sam Malone passed away yesterday morning. He had battled cancer for some time, having beat it several times. It returned and moved to his liver. He was receiving treatments but they were hard on his liver. He has a beautiful family, that he loved with all his heart that...
  13. kenewagner

    Twin Turbo Progress or lack of

    After the horrible debacle of my rear mount turbo setup. I set about to correct the mistake by putting the turbos where they belong, in the engine compartment. I made good progress up to a few months ago. Other projects seem to side line work. For the last 3 weeks my health has been bad and just...
  14. kenewagner

    Custom DBL Intercooler

    Will have a double Intercooler done in a week. 350.00 + your stock IC as a core. Ken
  15. kenewagner

    need to find a 97 T Bird handle

    Have a local friend looking for a 97 T Bird door handle. Any idea where to look for one? Ken
  16. kenewagner

    Custom double IC for sale

    Just started a double IC, should be done in a week and ready to ship. 350 + a stock IC for a core. Shipping included in the mainland US Ken
  17. kenewagner

    custom dbl IC

    Started another double IC. Price is same 370.00 + your old IC as a core for shrouded IC 340.00 + your old IC as a core for no shroud Shipping in the mainland US included in price Ken
  18. kenewagner

    Bora mufflers for sale

    Have (2) 21\2" inlet 21\2" outlet SS Bora mufflers. One has a small dent. I have maybe 500 miles on them. 100 bucks and free shipping. Ken
  19. kenewagner

    Ported exhaust manifolds for sale

    Have a set of ported stock exhaust manifolds wraped with lava wrap. Used on my turbo car. 50 bucks shipping included mailed in mainland US Ken
  20. kenewagner

    Griffen radiator with overflow tank

    Have the Griffen radiator out of my car. Looking to 250 for it. Includes the overflow tank and SS hose to it. Also have the stock fan with an alum shroud build around it for looks. All bolts right in. The fan and shroud are pretty heavy and I would have to come up with a price for the fan and...