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    Members in Alaska?

    Just moved up here this summer. Looking to get with SC owners here. Am in the Wasilla area. MikeH
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    Bringing a few parts with me to VC

    Stopping in Oxnard, Ventura County in about 2 weeks. Have a custom aluminum radiator that was in my ‘93 and a McLeod bell housing for T-56 swap on V6 and push rod sbf’s. Bell housing was used for setup only. Shifted to bbf/T-56. Radiator is 3” thick 2 rows of 1” tubes and fan guard using OEM...
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    Moving need to get rid of a bunch of parts - mostly NIB

    Make a deal for someone willing to come to Southeast CT. Lots of new engine rebuild parts. T56 conversion parts: McLeod SC clutch & pp for LS1 T56, McLeod SBF/V6 to T56 bell housing. Custom radiator by old member Mike38SC with OEM motor/fan in stainless Shroud that I fabricated. SC flywheel...
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    OEM flywheel specs

    What is the number of teeth and is there an offset weight? MikeH
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    2020 BBF/T56 . . . Back to work Had to take a bunch of wrench time off due to health reasons. Still not back 100%, probably never, but working on getting as good as I can. Finally got enough $$ to move forward some. New Ford Performance SCJ heads came in along with the Blue Thunder intake and...
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    ‘93 SC Parts for sale Southeast CT Updated

    Getting ready to move. Have to clear out some stuff so I can shift more stuff. Have a few parts cheap for those willing to come get them or meet me part way. All related to ‘93 SC 1. M5R2 was working, could use a going through. (No shifter)gone 2. AOD work great when pulled. Needs a new pan.gone...
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    I think is still have some digging out ahead. . .

    It was originally from the base of my truck windshield to the garage door right over the bird. From he top of the bird to the roof rack of my wife's H2. Had to dig from the front door, around the Hummer (pass front around the back to drivers front. . . Just to find my snowblower! The snow had...
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    '94+ bird power steering pump.....

    Do the '94+ birds (or M VII's) have power steering pumps have a remote resivoir?
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    Anyone ever make a remote tank pwr steering pump work?

    Did a wide search, but didn't see any final outcomes if anyone had made one work. Finally get to work on the bird. Between the BBF conversion and brake upgrades, (large rotors/PBR calipers/SS hoses) I'm still looking at doing a hydro-boost conversion. So, how about it, anyone made one fit? MikeH
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    Retired my old Ford p/u and got this.......

    I picked up this new gal...... And the wife asked if I wanted to pick up a trailer on the way cool. MikeH
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    Ventura County members?

    Hi West-Coasters! Anyone in Venture County? Possibly making a trip out to visit relatives in the area soon. MikeH
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    Oops! Something fell into my engine bay!!

    Look what fell into the engine bay!:D
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    Moving:1993 SC parts must go

    Hey folks, I have to clear out my garage and driveway in prep to move. All unnecessary parts must go! Parts car 1993 SC auto is basically a shell. It still has all glass, will need a couple of tires and wheels to roll. Name your price, get your trailer and come and get it. Other stuff still in...
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    6-15 What's everyone doing this weekend?

    Just thought I'd ask, Not working this weekend (at work). I'm gonna try to get my SC engine cleaned up enough to hook up to trans and get it stuffed in the car. Once it's out of the way, get the BBF off the shelf and cleaned up enough to go the machine shop (or) if it's not raining, strip more...
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    VAPS orface removal?

    Has any one removed the VAPS orface from their power steering pump? MikeH
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    SVT and GT PBRs..

    Here are my PBR calipers painted and ready for install. MikeH
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    Hydro-boost brakes on a 'Bird?

    Anyone ever put a hydro boost master cyl in a bird? Just found out that the 2K Cobra came with it and the newer 'stangs is standard with it. The hydro unit loks much smaller than the vacuum booster. I started researching it when he said that his pick-up had it (it's a diesel) But found out that...
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    Advance Auto saturday only discount code..

    Promo Code "SATURDAY33" is worth 30% off entire order. I just saved almost $150 on a new muff and air spring kit for my truck...... Word of caution-----if you want local pick up call the store first to make sure they have it. (my order also qualified for free ship) My store's inventory...
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    need honest opinons....

    Since I must cut my console to clear the shifter, I was thinking of polishing a piece of aluminum, having it engraved then forming it to fit the console where it angles up at the ash tray and affixing it to the console top in some sturdy fashon. Here are a couple of pics of a pattern that I'm...
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    pressure plate bolts...

    Anyone have a part # and/or size for SC pressure plate bolts. My engine has been apart seems like forever and with all the moving back and forth in the garage all the stuff is mixed up. Can someone post a pic of one? Thanks. MikeH