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    Vacuum at oil cap

    Maybe a stupid question but...I finally got my smoke machine put together and have a few small leaks here and there: 1.) TPS on the sensor side 2.) Throttle Body plate shaft (heard there is nothing you can do about this and it is more or less normal) 3.) Bypass valve shaft on the back of the...
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    RPM's fluctuate at higher speeds

    I took the car out on the highway today and between about 50-75 mph, the rpm's act very strange. With almost constant pressure on the gas, the RPM's will jump up about 400 rpm, then back down. Then up, then down...etc It will go up, you can count to almost 2, then they jump back down. Any...
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    Vac leak at throttle body spring

    I just smoke tested the car and I have a pretty big leak coming from the spring/seal area where the throttle cable turns the throttle plate. Is this area subject to vacuum? My gauge is telling me I have a large leak but I haven't been able to locate any besides this.
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    Boost gauge reading 0 at idle

    I have a fresh 4.3L stroker, just put about 40 miles on it. Everything was reading ok, the vacuum was reading about 11-14 at idle. Then, after driving it today, it started reading 0 at idle and got into boost right away on light acceleration. Any ideas? The gauge is a full electrical autometer...
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    Oil dipstick and tube

    I'm looking for an oil dipstick and tube that will fit a 94 SC motor. Please PM me with a price shipped to 60517.
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    Coolant Temperature Sensor

    Ok, I have an issue with my coolant temp sensor I think, the one controlling the gauges. It is located in the thermostat housing, but since I don't have the original connector on the harness (it was a mustang harness) I'm not sure how this thing normally hooks up. I currently stripped the wire...
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    Got it running...part of the SC crowd now!

    TPS sensor wiring was messed up and the 02 sensors needed to be replaced. Now she runs! 1998 Mustang with a hyper-modded 94 SC block.
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    HELP - new motor will not start!

    I have a 4.3L stroker SC engine and have just tried to start it for the first time. Here is what is happening - Key on works fine, but when going to try to crank, I get one loud click and then nothing. I went underneath and checked the starter to flywheel, and I notice the starter gear will...
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    How many quarts of oil?

    I have a 94 motor, stroked to a 4.3L, and also have a 4.2L F150 oil pan. I am guessing 6 qts would be appropriate. I have it filled with 5 now, just want to know before startup what amount should be in there.
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    Couple of 94 SC parts

    I have the following parts laying around, make me an offer: - Stock camshaft - 80,000 miles - Stock timing sprocket/chain - Stock oil pan painted semi-gloss black - Stock crank pulley - Stock water pump pulley - Stock oil cooler - Stock tensioner arm springs - Stock crank sensor - Stock cam...
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    Double IC fan wiring

    I have one of Ken's Double IC and also have a fan to attach to it? What are some ways you guys have wired up your fans? Is it a constant on, to a switch, etc... Was thinking about running it to an in-car switch and tapping into lines from the battery.
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    94-95 Throttle Cable Alternatives

    Well, I am having one hell of a time finding a 94-95 throttle cable. Ford obsoleted the part in July. Are there any alternatives that would work and have the same firewall mounting? I've heard N/A Thunderbirds may also have the same style cable?
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    1994 SC Camshaft

    I have a stock cam from a 1994 SC in good condition. $10.00 plus shipping.
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    WTB: 1994 SC IAT sensor connector

    I am looking for the electrical connector for the intake air temp sensor (on intake going to the lower IC tube) from a 1994 SC. Let me know what you have.
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    Vacuum hose routing with MP plenum

    I have a MP inlet plenum and no EGR system. I am struggling with the vacuum routing. Please keep in mind this is a Mustang. Anyone have any advice for this kind of setup, where to run the lines, etc... Currently, I have the following and what to know if I have the right idea: #1 - capped off...
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    3.5" intake options

    I just put a 94 SC motor in my 98 Mustang. I have a 90mm MAF and an 85mm TB. I am struggling justifying the $160.00 price of the MP 3.5" intake tube, and thats not even with filter. What are some other options, and what have some of you done for a 3.5" intake?
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    1994-95 Throttle Cable

    I am looking for the throttle cable that goes from the pedal to the throttle body, one that will fit a 94 SC and a MP 85MM TB. Let me know what you have.
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    WTB - Electrical connectors

    I am looking for the wide electrical connector going to the sensor (Not the small IAC connector) on the throttle body. I am also looking for the electrical connector for the coolant temp sensor in the intake manifold. Let me know, thanks.
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    WTB: valve covers and PCV setup

    Need valve covers that will fit a 94 SC motor. Also need the PCV tubes from the drivers side cover and passengers side cover. PM me with a price shipped to 60517...
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    WTB: SC Tensioner arm for a 94

    Need the supercharger tensioner arm for a 94, dont need the pulley just the arm. How much shipped to 60517? PM me