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    Car sold guess I'm done

    Car sold. It's been fun while it lasted. I think I've been a long time member but I guess I won't need to hold a membership anymore. How do I keep my membership from automatically renewing?
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    1995 5speed blown engine

    ****************************SOLD******************************* Project Car Car spun a bearing this morning. I have another engine pulled from a junk yard unknown condition. Dash lights don't work. Suspension and steering rebuilt about 3k ago. Recent summer tires install. Car and extra engine...
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    synthetic blends 5w20

    Anybody running the synthetic blends 5w20. I acquired some last summer but I don't know where I can use it.
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    The answer given for the random question was incorrect.

    See that the search function isn't working anymore. I keep getting "The answer given for the random question was incorrect". I would have searched for that to see if someone else reported it but I can't.:p
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    1995 5-speed Thinking about selling if the price is right

    I picked this car up in Gainesville, FL about 9 years ago and drove it back to Connecticut. I've put about 50k on it. It's now at 146k. As much as I love driving her at 62 my left leg sometimes cramps up and no long wants to cooperate with the clutch. I've tried to keep her in good running shape...
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    instrument/gauge lights

    Just recently my instrument/gauge lights started acting up. Only around where the gauges are. Then the came back on. Today on the way home nothing. Weird how they came back on and now nothing. Tomorrow who knows :rolleyes:. I won't be able to do any troubleshooting until this weekend.
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    Off Topic Motor Oil Quesiton

    I live in New England I have a house backup generator that calls for 5w30 in temperatures below 32°F and 10W30 in temperatures above 32°F. I've been running 10W30 since I've had it. So far we haven't had any cold day power outages. It's time to do an oil change. Is there a better suited oil in...
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    Recommended UCA

    Had two sets of UCA installed in the past 90 days. The last set was due to squeaking. Is there a brand recommended?
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    Oil Pump Change

    I'm almost at 140K. I noticed that my oil pressure fluctuates more now then it has in the past. Is there a recommended maintenance interval for oil pumps? How many parts need to come off to get to it?
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    95 headlight bypass.

    Is there a way to bypass the headlight running sensor that controls when the head lights come? I want them to come on all the time when you turn on the ignition instead of just at night and manually turn them off using the wheel.
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    Is there a Cooling Puller Fan Motor Replacement how to?

    I just replaced my puller fan with a used backup I had in stock due to no low speed. Cooling Puller Fan no longer available yet I can order a replacement motor. Is there a Cooling Puller Fan Motor Replacement how to?
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    No Low speed fan root cause analysis

    Seems I have no low speed fan with or without the A/C on. I think the puller fan is working when the A/C is on. High speed come on about 3/4 before HOT. Possible that the relay in the IRCM is shot. What's the best way to tell? How do I diagnose this?
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    ISO Power Steering Control Valve Actuator

    ISO Power Steering Control Valve Actuator. Please private message me.
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    Charging Volts

    Last weekend I pulled the battery out and gave it and over night charge with a known good 12A charger because I didn't think it was as perky as it has been in the past. It took a charge but, it would cause the charger to turn on an off before it would go to a full float charge. My other...
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    Intermittent CEL

    Intermittent CEL normally as the engine is warming up to temperature. Then it typically goes away. On my way back from the store today I got one so I put it on the tester. KOEO test completed code 111, continuous memory said there was a 214, Cylinder Identification (CID) sensor - Circuit...
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    Parking Brake Front Bolts

    I'm in need of the front bolts for the parking break. According to the manual the Park Number is N605893.
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    M/T Where's the Heat Shield and Padding.

    I finally got around to replacing my 12v cigarette lighter with a USB port on my 95 5speed tonight. Simple enough job and a much needed upgrade. Now I don't have to worry about that dumb adapter popping out of the 12v outlet anymore. When I removed the shifter console cover I wasn't surprised to...
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    94 Complete Motor minus the M90 Craigs List

    I'm selling my parts motor. The only part I've ever used on it was the tempature sensor for the tempature gauge. There's no super changers on this.
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    1995 MT center cover black

    Good morning and happy Memorial Day weekend. I'm looking for a black Floor Console Control Selector Cover Super Coupe - with M/T; Black - complete top assembly. The part number is 044D90. This is for a 5 speed car..
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    Suitable Weather stripping Adhesive

    I'm looking for a suitable weather stripping adhesive to reattached the door inner weather stripping. I don't want ti to be a permanent bond just in case I have to remove it at some point. Thanks in advance..