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    Donald O Neill

    I paid for a 1995 5 speed counsel top from him over a month ago contacted him on face book he said he shipped it , but it was returned because nobody signed for it. I never recd anything at my address to sign for from him, and i live right down the street from the post office. he said he would...
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    performance water pump

    I have reached out to Flow Kooler water pumps for a high performance pump for our engines,and i have 1 in hand! I have not tried it yet because i live in Buffalo,N.Y. and it's cold as hell here!, and i don't have a heated garage. they don't list it on there web site but if you contact Lee you...
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    MPX 10 rib pulley

    I am looking for a MPX 10 rib pulley that is trashed in the shaft area, if anyone has 1 and is willing to get rid if it for free, i will pay the shipping on it.
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    35th anny. factory 5 speed

    As much as i don't want to do this, i must!. I have no more room left since bringing my 95 back from Dave Dalke It has 147000 miles on the speedometer, but the mileage counter does not work, nor has it ever since i have owned it for 14 years. But i have put no more then 10000 miles on it, it...
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    8.8 rear diff.

    looking for a 8.8 TL 31 spline iron or aluminum with 355, 327 gear in good working condition!
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    roller rockers

    I have a set of new roller rockers in box for a 351 Cleveland 1.73 ratio 7/16 aluminum $140.00 shipped in the U.S.
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    1995 t bird sc engine

    Looking to sell my freshly pulled 95 sc engine from my car a DD. it has 86000 miles on it, i was going to keep it but im getting low on space! I have way to much stuff ( sc ) looking for $750.00 without acc. This is a nice stock motor , does not leak or burn oil.
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    nos 1989,1990 dis module

    I have 2 Motorcraft nos dis ignition modules for sale. $140.00 each shipped in U.S.
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    backing plate for cobra brake up grade

    what are other members using for backing plates for the cobra brake up grade, im curious! Please chime in! thanks! Tom
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    20" wheels

    any body running 20" mustang bolt pattern rims? i'm looking for a little info, like back spacing, off set, clearance issues. thanks! Tom
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    1994-1995 complete lock set ( used )

    I have for sale complete lock set, ignition, glove,center counsel trunk lock, trunk, both doors. 1 trunk key, 1 ignition, door key, lighted door locks. $90.00 shipped in U.S. I also have ( same as above ) but no door locks! $60.00 shipped! in U.S.
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    NOS Ford antilock ABS pump kit Thunderbird,Cougar,Continental

    This kit is on e bay # 271742289105 I just bought 1 there are 9 left!
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    cobra calipers

    looking for front cobra calipers for brake up grade
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    new axle shaft retaining nut fr/re.

    Autozone has them for $4.99 in store! Just in case anybody wants some.
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    1989-1992 wiper cowl set, front, rear window trim

    nice pair of wiper cowls,has 3 of the raised ridges on the pass. side tops broken off. asking $100.00 plus other cracks or breaks. ( these are getting really hard to find in good condition!) Also front and rear windshield trim, in excellent condition! $80.00 a piece shipped in US!
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    abs rear sensor rings 1995 sc

    looking for the 2 abs rings on the inside of the axle near the diff, preferably not rusted.
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    chrome 200 amp alternator

    Has anyone ever bought a powermax alt, if so how has it held up?
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    94-95 sc timing case cover

    looking for 1 in good condition!
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    91 ignition control module

    does anybody have a line on new motorcraft units?
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    early model seat belt adj.

    Does anybody know what the knob on top the motor of the shoulder belt does? thanks! Tom