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  1. tchicken

    Not mine, but here is the link Has to be a member's car. Was this posted here and I missed it?
  2. tchicken

    Crank Sensor Failure

    Has anyone out there ever had a crank sensor fail intermittently? Last month my 91 wouldn't start in the DRIVEWAY (best place for that!)- had the classic "upshift light on while cranking" telltale. Got out and scoped all the connections - nothing appeared loose and no wires compromised (which...
  3. tchicken


    dthompson aka: type of seller: Individual I posted in the "wanted" section for a starter. Seller replied to ad, then pulled the starter and mailed the same day as I sent payment via paypal. Package got here quicker than if I had paid shipping to rockauto or other...
  4. tchicken


    On the off chance someone has a good starter lying around that they are looking to get rid of (and willing to ship) for a reasonable price . . . I could use one before I contribute more to RockAuto's bottom line . . . Horn
  5. tchicken

    looking for 17" cobra r

    Looking for a 17" cobra r rim ( 5 x 4.25), prefer the grey color that came on the original ford/svt rims. Rim does not have to be perfect cosmentically, but prefer no dents unless price is very cheap. scp is out of stock on their rims, and I don't really want the chrome anyway. Thanks, Horn
  6. tchicken

    lack of electron flow

    I did a quick search but didn't see any posts that covered the problem I am currently experiencing, so figured I would post up and see if anyone recognized this particular problem. On the way to work, I noticed that every so often, the dash lights and radio and cigarette lighter (has a...
  7. tchicken

    differential cover gasket

    I had to pop the cover on my diff for an inspection/cleaning. Going back together now, and wondering about a gasket. Rockauto lists a couple of options for gaskets, but when I took it apart, it looked like it just had some sealer in the groove on the diff cover and that was it. It was not...
  8. tchicken

    94/5 heater controls, factory radio

    I picked up a couple of things at the yard last week that are late model (94/5) specific. I don't have much use for these as I only have early model cars, but thought someone here might have use for them. Having only an early test car though means I have no way to test them. Not looking to...
  9. tchicken

    vacuum gauge not returning to zero

    I was working on an SC today after a long winter hibernation, and noticed it is running a little rough. Idle rpm changing occasionally for no reason, and it is making a humming sound that changes in pitch with the idle rpms. Only pulling about 11" of vacuum, so I figure I've developed a vacuum...
  10. tchicken


    Anybody have any pics of their scp exhaust installed (2.5" to 3" to 2.5")? I needed some custom fab work at the front end to hook up to some long tube headers, so I took it in to a shop. The shop says they are having problems making the rest of the system fit. I want to take in a photo of...
  11. tchicken

    used kooks - SOLD

    I have managed to acquire a used set of kooks mid-length headers that I don't think I'm going to need. Some of the coating is still on the headers, but probably should be recoated/painted/wrapped. This set has an EGR fitting. $375 shipped to lower 48. ***HEADERS ARE GONE***
  12. tchicken

    fog light switch pigtail

    For all those parting out cars, or with one that's about to go to the scrap yard -- I am looking for the connector that the fog light switch plugs into on the early model cars. Needs to be in good shape with 3"+ of wiring still attached and not showing signs of excessive heat. Mine has...
  13. tchicken


    Email User Name: 92tbird04 Vendor/Individual: Individual Comments: I would have much rather posted this in the good seller section with some of the others, but I have had a much different outcome with this seller. After dozens of purchases made through...
  14. tchicken

    thermostat housing vent plug

    NEVERMIND - thanks to KMT I am no longer in need of the bolt. Need the bleeder plug/bolt that screws into the top of the thermostat housing, or a line on someplace that sells them. Don't need the plastic shroud around the bottom - just the plug. Thanks, Horn
  15. tchicken

    hood latch

    I am looking for a hood latch, 89-93 tbird, reasonably priced (or preferably cheap) w/o rust or damage. I'm installing an aftermarket hood and would prefer a spare latch to mod in case I decide to return to stock. Thanks, Horn
  16. tchicken

    wtb: radiator fan motor 89-93

    As title says, need early model, WORKING radiator fan motor. Mine has gone to ground. PM with details/price. Horn Found one - thanks Corey