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  1. LIVipers

    March Aluminum Underdrives New

    I have a set of March Aluminum Underdrive pulleys from SCP. They come with all appropriate spacers and everything. They have never been installed. I paid $310 shipped for them, I would like to get $250 shipped for them. Let me know Tom
  2. LIVipers

    Alarm problems, no start, no power

    Okay, So this has now happened 3 different times, and its getting absolutely ridiculous. I have a 94 SC with factory keyless entry and alarm. I do not believe it has anti-theft because there are no two little modules in the trunk. Anyways, tonight i got into my car to drive my girlfriend home...
  3. LIVipers

    Aftermarket Gauge Wiring Question- Headlight wire color

    I am almost done installing my new set of gauges on my A-Pillar. My only dilemma right now is in regards to the wiring for the gauges to dim once the headlights come on. My gauges are Dakota Digital (water temp and oil pressure) and my 3rd gauge is my LC-1. For all of these, it says that i...
  4. LIVipers

    Logan Butler -minichopper6hp

    Email Address: User Name: minichopper6hp Vendor/Individual: Individual Logan is on these boards offering his "Supercharger and rebuilding services" to the members on here. However, many members, including myself, have had a tough time getting him to perform decent work on their blowers. For me...
  5. LIVipers

    I need a late model/s-port/MP2 blower

    The late model I bought was all botched up, and it cost me a lot of money to make my car slower. If anyone has a blower they don't need, and is in GOOD, RUNNING CONDITION, let me know. Thanks, Tom
  6. LIVipers

    Which belt do I need?

    I'm looking for a new belt for my sc to jackshaft. I'm currently running 5% on both the sc and the jackshaft for a total of 10% OD. My problem is I do not know which side of the jackshaft pulley is OD'd, whether it's the crank side or the sc side. I have a shorter belt (gates one ending in 90)...
  7. LIVipers

    What are your opinions on this port job?

    Let me know what if you guys see anything odd about this port job. Note: i did not do this Thanks, Tom
  8. LIVipers

    Double post, sorry...

    Double post, please delete
  9. LIVipers

    BBK 70mm Throttle Body $85 shipped

    Just got done upgrading, i have no use for these anymore. As stated in the title, its a 70mm BBK throttle body. I would like $85 shipped for the throttle body. Tom
  10. LIVipers

    Tensioner Bolt Sizes

    Okay, I'm down to the last two types of bolts that i need in order to complete my engine dress up conversion with all ARP 12pt stainless steel bolts. Does anyone happen to know the size of the bolts that go into the tensioners to mount the pulley on the tensioner, and to mount the tensioner...
  11. LIVipers

    Water Pump Pulley and Jackshaft Pulley Bolt Sizes

    I am looking to dress up my engine compartment a little bit and want to change the bolts on the JS and Water Pump pulley's to match the overdrive and underdrive pulleys. Does anyone know the size of these bolts? I cant seem to find it anywhere. I know they are 5/16-24, but i dont know what...
  12. LIVipers

    94/95 Fuel Rail

    Looking for a 94/95 fuel rail. Let me know what you guys have. Tom
  13. LIVipers

    Swapping in Front Lowering Springs Question

    Okay, so now that the weather is getting warmer and school is over, i can start tackling some of the projects on my car. I have a set of Eibach lowering springs, new front tokico shocks, and new upper front shock mounts. Everything I have read about installing lowering springs says the fronts...
  14. LIVipers

    3 Gauge Pod

    I'm looking for a 3 gauge pillar pod in good condition. Let me know what you guys have
  15. LIVipers

    Sc top with collar

    As stated, looking for an SC top with the collar for the stock ic tube Tom
  16. LIVipers

    1995 Stock Fuel Pump

    I received this with the assembly I just bought off of Kevin. I didn't need the pump, only the rest of the assembly. I believe it is 130lph if I'm not mistaking. How does $15 shipped sound? Tom
  17. LIVipers

    Cleaning MP 85mm TB

    I recently acquired a used Magnum Powers 85mm here off the forums. It is a bit dirty, so I'm looking for ways to clean both the inside and outside. Would I be able to soak it in isopropyl alcohol for a day or two? Let all the dirt dissolve itself off? Tom
  18. LIVipers

    July 21st Thunderbird and All Ford's Car Show in Syosset, NY

    For those of you who are in New York and New Jersey, as well as the rest of the tri-state, does any one have any interest in doing this? I'm looking into registering and dont want to be the only SC there, plus i figure its a way for us all to get together. Here is the link...
  19. LIVipers

    Clean 25k mile 1992 Auto on Ebay

    Car looks unbelievably clean:
  20. LIVipers

    MP 85mm Throttle Body

    As stated, let me know what you guys have. Tom