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  1. bigpoppa822

    WTB: 92+ Fuel Tank Shield and Straps

    Hey all, Looking for a shield and straps for a 92+ gas tank. I keep striking out everywhere I look. If anyone has a line on one or a spare set please let me know. Thanks!
  2. bigpoppa822

    WTB Oil Pan

    Need a stock oil pan. Can pay via PayPal or also have lots of stock engine parts for trade if you're interested in that.
  3. bigpoppa822

    Oil Pan Clearance Issue with ARP Main Studs

    Well I just broke one of the bolt holes on my stock oil pan because I didn't realize the ARP main studs I used are quite a bit longer than stock. I searched around the site and only found issues with stud girdles which required the main studs and the pan to both be ground down. Is that how...
  4. bigpoppa822

    Looking for the ideal blower setup for new build.

    I'm in the process of finally finishing the new motor on my car and was looking for some input on the ideal supercharger setup. First I'll say the car is a street car first and foremost, and will be a nice weather daily driver, that I can take to the strip when I'm in the mood. The new motor is...
  5. bigpoppa822

    FS: Scorpion Roller Rockers BNIB

    Hey all, Bought a set of Scorpion roller rockers but ended up going the stud mount route. These are brand new, I opened the box but that's about it. Just want what I paid back for them at $180 +shipping, or I would trade for a set of stud mount rockers with 7/16-20 studs. Can take some pictures...
  6. bigpoppa822

    Jerron Ford AKA gohanssj2

    Bought a set of heads from this member back in August. They were advertised in this thread: and it's clear they were offered as with a "fresh rebuild", along with a set of roller rockers. We worked out the details and I paid for the heads. They...
  7. bigpoppa822

    4.2 stroker rod orientation?

    I'm starting to finally put together my 4.2 motor and I'm stumped on which way the SCAT rods go on. They have a chamfer on one side only and I'm not sure which cylinders week have the chamfer facing the front of the motor. I tried going bearing tabs up for all of the rods and I'm not sure if...
  8. bigpoppa822

    WTB Early Model Timing Cover

    Well I cracked the timing cover on my motor when I was taking it apart, missed one of the allen head bolts. Need a replacement! Thanks, Tom
  9. bigpoppa822

    Building my first motor and I need help.

    Well my car has been down for almost 2 years now since snapping the crank and I finally have the funds to put the motor back together. I have pretty much all the components to build the motor but I'm nervous about getting the block machined right. The block going to the shop is from the reman...
  10. bigpoppa822

    WTB: Hood Shocks, Late Model Gas Tank Shield/Straps, 60# Injectors

    As the title says I am looking for the following: Hood Shocks Late Model Gas Tank Shield/Straps 60# Injectors Also looking for a power steering pump (must be relatively new and known to be working well) and a power steering rack (same condition) Let me know! Thanks
  11. bigpoppa822

    Wheels Needing Larger Studs?

    So I've come across a deal for the FR500C wheels that I really think I can't pass up. They are Fikse Profil 10 3 piece wheels used on the FR500C race cars. Everywhere that sells them says the stock Mustang wheel studs won't work and they require .625" studs. Being that the wheel will have the...
  12. bigpoppa822

    Steering Rack Replacement

    I searched and couldn't find any threads on the process. I need a new steering rack and since the motor is out, now is the time to do it. Any tips on procedure, fitment, etc.? Never replaced one of these before. Thanks!
  13. bigpoppa822

    Raspberry Pi - the $25 Computer

    So there is this new computer coming out shortly that's about the size of a stack of credit cards and only $25 ($35 with ethernet). People are already speculating what to do with these and I instantly thought of hooking up the Quarterhorse and an LCD screen to it with a wireless keyboard and...
  14. bigpoppa822

    FS: 42#/hr Injectors, Comp Cam

    I have a set of 42#/hr Deatschwerks injectors, they were in my car for less than 15k miles and I have a flow matching report sheet to go along with them. $180 shipped lower 48 Also have the Comp Xtreme Energy Stage 1 cam for sale. This is the same one sold by SCP for $360, also in my car for...
  15. bigpoppa822

    Oh, Snap!

    Finally pulled my motor out today, took a few pictures. The crankshaft snapped right in between the first two cylinders. Found it was turned .020 by the paint on the crank, and the car had maybe 15k on it when it blew. Lesson learned, don't buy a reman motor from a random engine depot. New...
  16. bigpoppa822

    Advanced Auto Parts Sale Thru Sunday

    I just found this, going to order a PS pump and rack for my car and probably some other stuff too. Figured I'd pass it on as its a great deal. Here you'll find details about our current promotions How long the offers last: Offers valid for online orders placed November 23-27, 2011. What...
  17. bigpoppa822

    WTB: 92+ Fuel Tank Shield

    I bought a fuel tank from an online junkyard and the tank didn't come with the shield, only the plastic tank itself. So I'm looking for just the shield. Local would be great although I know there aren't many guys in my area.
  18. bigpoppa822

    Absolute Steal on CL

    Assuming what's wrong is a minor problem, I've seen this car around it's a town over from me, same color as mine, has nice paint and quite a few mods. He used to have it listed on CL all the time for like 5k. If I hadn't put so much money...
  19. bigpoppa822

    WTB: .030 over SC block

    Anybody have an SC block that's already been bored .030 over and is ready for assembly? Thanks
  20. bigpoppa822

    Steering Wheel Options

    I was looking into upgrading my steering wheel (I have a '90) to something a little more modern and possibly a little smaller and thicker. Retaining a somewhat OEM look is a huge factor for me in this. I understand that the early model and later model cars are not easily interchangeable so I'm...