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    7K mile 89 5 spd for sale on Bring a Trailer

    It's a nice looking white 5 spd located in Myrtle Beach. I have never seen a Currant Red leather interior previously, it looks pretty nice. Overall the car looks like a nearly pristine example. This appears to be the first SC sold on...
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    32nd Annual Leesburg Car Show

    The Leesburg Car show has just been announced for Saturday, 11 May. You can find the information here. The show is in downtown Leesburg, VA and is sponsored by the Monroe Advanced Technical Academy (MATA), part of the Academies of Loudoun. This is the vocational school that includes auto body...
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    89 Dk Blue interior door panel

    The rare dark blue leather on my 89 has grown on me, and I suspect it's unique which is nice. The problem with a rare interior color is it's rare. Go figure. The passenger side pull handle structure is pretty much toast. I have a local shop looking at ways to reinforce, but stitching...
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    1989 Ford Thunderbird

    91 Titanium submitted a new Showcase Item: 1989 Ford Thunderbird Read more about this showcase item here...
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    You can go home again

    I just bought the 89 Titanium 5-spd that FSTCOUP was selling. Had a great time driving it back from Tampa to Northern VA. This is a replacement for a 91 Titanium I bought new and drove for 10 years until the minivan came along. It feels good to be back in my SC. FSTCOUP did a great job with...