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  1. Miguel5671

    Serious Engine Performance parts pulleys etc

    Hey guys havent been here in a long time i have quite a bit of stuff left over it is time i let it go msg me or whatsapp me 956 432 9456 since its easier to share pictures and all Bump !! 1.7L AR Twin screw kit, SCUi stage 3 heads !! and built short block FS! All built by David Dalke text me if...
  2. Miguel5671

    Kooks longtube headers

    *kooks longtube headers $375 plus ship
  3. Miguel5671

    The EvilBird Timeline

    So as most of you know i did not finish my old 92 Tbird build that i had an Autorotor and nice scu built motor for instead i made a big heap and purchased one of the cars i looked up to from the 1st day i joined sccoa. It is David's Ol Dart 347 Turbo which he went 10.04 at 139 with the old...
  4. Miguel5671

    Want to buy bbk throttle body asap

    In need if a 75mm or even 70mm Throttle body BBK I basically just need the adjustment screw for the Idle air control valve Let me know what u have
  5. Miguel5671

    Performance parts

    tokico illumina 2 shocks these are the ARC compatible type with 1.6" vogtland springs $529.00 plus ship used rear springs are RED i think the shocks alone aluminum 10% Jackshaft pulley $115.00 FREE ship used Mark 8 Fan $79.00 plus ship used early model 1 speed i believe 2 3.27 IRS...
  6. Miguel5671

    exhaust system and tq converter

    Not sure if anyone would be interested but i have My old Exhaust system it was Mustang Shorty Headers 2.5" downpipes to a magnaflow resonator 3" out to a magnaflow Y pipe back to dual 2.5" piping had borlas on but i will be re using them already has a wideband Bung on it as well still has 2 o2...
  7. Miguel5671

    The saga of the Turd 2: Texas Turd Edition

    As some of you from FB may know my 92 tbird is getting just a few upgrades , bear with me when i say a few lol... its a long read you have been warned After owning this car for 3+ yrs in march its the 4th yr ive had it and lately this time it has evolved from the junk it once was i thank...
  8. Miguel5671

    David Seifert

    David Seifert Individual Sccoa username Davidcseifert Great guy to deal with ive bought and sold more than several items with him (nitrous parts and components mainly) definitely will continue to do business with.
  9. Miguel5671

    Ford Racing 42LB injectors

    Sold sold sold sold thank u
  10. Miguel5671

    Ported Late Model Blower with 10% OD and MP Polished Plenum

    im helping a friend post this here (David) for sale is a Late Model blower Ported and rebuilt not going to be used after all so for anyone needing to upgrade their early model to a late model this is the perfect candidate 450 shipped for the ported rebuilt late model With a 10% pulley already...
  11. Miguel5671

    C&L MAF 85mm and 80mm 60lb injectors

    I have a 85mm C&L maf housing with purple sample tube for 80lb injectors for sale Has a good sensor on it Asking 165 shipped Purchased new of SCU only used it a couple months if anything Still on my intake pipe Also have a 80mm C&L maf housing NO SENSOR And black sample tube but most likely...
  12. Miguel5671

    rear window louvers

    Rear window louvers if u got a pair that u wany to sell let me know
  13. Miguel5671

    green/blue reverse gauge faces SOLD

    I grew tired of these they look great but im going a different direction with my interior theme I deleted boost gauge being I have an aftermarket one so they have the volt on top 55 shipped ? For them they have the reverse inverter not all of them have that and a standalone dimmer integrated...
  14. Miguel5671

    AOD valve body with Transgo Shift kit SOLD

    AOD valve body with transgo aod HP shift kit and some sonnax upgraded parts Has worked great for me so far but I got better now so wont have use for it 185 shipped OBO its ready to be bolt on and go Here is in action in my car on an old video it roasts the tires going into second and...
  15. Miguel5671

    performance parts

    Well seems like im gonna sell some stuff here that I wont be using 1.73 scorpion rockers 200 shipped with the new in package pushrods (Comp camp pushrods these are the right lenght to use with stock cam and the above rockers) on the pic they are behind the rockers the ones next to the rockers...
  16. Miguel5671

    85mm MP TB PC wrinkle black

    As title says 85mm MP TB for sale or trade let me know what u have Its powdercoated wrinkle black by (nmbchief) randy H. From shade tree powdercoating Asking 275 shipped anywhere US
  17. Miguel5671

    zex wet kit nitrous install

    So I have this ls6 Zex wet kit and I figure I should post here instead of Facebook to keep record and maybe for future reference Components are: Ls6 complete kit with jets from 75-125hp (Ordering 55-65 jets) Zex purge kit with red light Zex bottle warmer Zex bottle blanket Zex electric bottle...
  18. Miguel5671

    89 5 speed parts

    5 speed pedals 125 +ship 5speed ecu off 89 70 +ship fog lights pair 50 +ship abs unit complete with accu ball 150 +ship used not rebuilt but was working multi function switch 40 +ship oil cooler 30 +ship Rad fan good conditions 30 +ship stock radiator 20 +ship no leaks worked good never...
  19. Miguel5671

    svt2888 DO NOT BUY OFF HIM.

    Email Address: User Name: svt2888 Vendor/Individual: Individual WORST SELLER you can encounter 1st of all im never the type to say anything about anyone and i usually try to work things out no matter what but after so much trying to work things out this got to the point where...
  20. Miguel5671

    performance parts fmic,rear end,MP chin spoiler...

    80mm CnL maf SOLD 31x12x3 fmic set up 2.75 piping black couplers (new never used) 550 shipped 3.27 TL IRS pumpkin 200+ ship its heavy has about 60k miles on it Solar Wing 90 + ship large item MP chin spoiler Brand new 100+ ship 110lph walbro fuel pump 20 shipped good stock replacement...