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  1. animalguy10

    Window regulator

    Hey guys long time no see. Paul from Barrie Ontario. So today I pull my car out and the driver window goes for a crap hear motor no movement. I've read previous posts about window issues. So I open up my door and find a round spring in the bottom of my door ??? I assume part of my regulator...
  2. animalguy10

    35th sc 1990 for sale in Barrie Ontario

    Hey guys im going to sell the 35th way too many projects. The car came from London area undercoated since new I had the top black repainted silver still sock. 35th front seats were done as usual they are with car but out of it and I have cloth seats in it right now. The car shows 11000kms but...
  3. animalguy10

    need some 17's

    hey guys long time no post here I anyone have some decent 17 inch tires for my cobra r's, something 245/45/17 or along that line..?? ??
  4. animalguy10

    Gonna be that guy. Electric fan issues

    Hey guys. So I did read through some threads before posting this. My 90 anni fan is malfunctioning. I have tonnes of spare parts so I threw in another fan. Same issue. Basically the fan spins but very slow sometimes medium but is causing me to overheat unless I'm moving. I see numerous...
  5. animalguy10

    Blower mpx

    I was chatting with someone who has a mpx for sale. Lost emails. Anyone ?
  6. animalguy10

    Hey guys Paul from Barrie

    Anyone heard from fraiser for tuning lately ? Also looking for some used aftermarket rims anyone got any for sale ?
  7. animalguy10

    Sun roof leak

    Hey guys I just noticed in my 1990 i had water on my back flooring underneath the passenger seat. I'm curious to know if there are drains for a SunroofI haven't looked yet but I'm wondering if somebody's run into the same problem with possibly a clogged drain. I had this happen in my Lincoln...
  8. animalguy10

    Power seat motor 90 sc

    Hey guys I have had my driver seat power motor for back and ford die I had to remove the seat without being able to move it around .... Fun I have some questions. First off. There is three motors I've removed all three but see no way this pack of motors bolts on?? Secondly any one have a part...
  9. animalguy10

    Power seat motor help

    Hey guys. Power seat motor crashed it died all the way back so taking out the rear bolts was .... Well fun. Anyway the seat is out. I see there is three motors for three functions. First question... Where do I get a motor Second is it one pack ? And how the heck does it come off the seat ?
  10. animalguy10

    Tune. Fraser ???

    Hey looking for Fraser. Where are you man lost your number need a tune.
  11. animalguy10

    r1dd1ck913 keyless Modules

    r1dd1ck913 Please avoid any purchase. 1.5 years and I have not got my product numerous text messages and emails. If you question this search his posts and see the typical response he doesn't respond to anyone after he sells something... It seem some people got their product.. i never did...
  12. animalguy10

    new addition

    Hey guys so im up to 2 sc my anni mild and my 89 more then mild..waiting for exahust on anni from bill at scp Just got a clean NO RUST mark viii was on kijiji... aside from exhaust leak runs mint... thought you may all appreciate a picture of 3 cars all prone to rusty they are all...
  13. animalguy10

    rims anyone?

    hey guys looking for another set of nice aftermarket wheels within a few hrs of toronto barrie area..someone correct me if im wrong these will be for my newly aquiered mark 8 ZERO rust had to buy rust really...yayyy or for my 1990 sc... i believe the offset is the same,,, send me what...
  14. animalguy10

    need 90 egr headers and selling 94 headers egr style kooks

    Guys didnt realize the difference with the egr location i did break the egr tube on my 94 headers i need a set of 90 headers and im selling my 94 style with broken egr tube can be re welded. anyone got any?? you can text me from anywhere in usa or CAN... 7058280211
  15. animalguy10

    spring is here Header help anyone?

    hey guys My project 2 has a issue...i learned the hard way 94 and up headers are different then 89-92 i have egr and the egr wouldnt even come close talked to bill at SCP and he told me Anyone had this issue before. im looking for headers for a 90 with egr...anyone have any i have a...
  16. animalguy10

    Hey guys need 2 clean doors for a 89

    Anyone have two good doors ?
  17. animalguy10

    toledo OHIO SCP trip

    Hey guys just throwing it out there.. i have a exhaust id like to buy with Bill at SCP aside from my other numerous SC projects im seeign if anyone if headed ohiop way to scp or even to toledo where bill says he may be able to arrange a pick up/ If no ne is going i may run down myself so if...
  18. animalguy10

    anniversary items

    hey guys anyone have any 35th swag to sell.. i have mats already
  19. animalguy10

    merry xmas ...and a question about my darn window

    well merry xmas to me window just feel into the door..... after having 5 sc's never had window isues... anyone have a potenital answer..l Im thinking the glass came out of the track... ?? ideas guys?
  20. animalguy10

    header info... wil 94 95 fit 90?

    Hey guys i don thtink the blocks are differetn however thought id ask to be safe will 94-95 kooks fit a 90 from what i can see they are identical?