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    parting out an '89 5 speed

    Complete car, if you guys need something let me know... ill have pics up shortly of the car. Thanks guys
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    aem wideband.

    i cant seem to find any literature on this but i know but the talon i had i could use the wideband o2 sensor and run a wire from the sensor to the ecu giving the ecu the narrowband signal it needed, is there a way i can do this on the s.c? id so which prong is it? thanks guys. Devin.
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    a.c. control panel numbers do not light up!!

    this happened a couple weeks ago, i have the electronic climate control obviously and the digital part doesnt does not light up or anything. the entire panel will light up when the running lights are on but no numbers?? i can hear the vacuum part of it switch when the buttons are pushed but...
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    Superchargeit. :)

    So I went ti Brandon's shop yesterday and met him. Great guy and extremely knowledgeable about s.c's. Probably too much lol. But anyway I had him do the brake conversion for me as well as run through a few other things on my car and fixing random things. Extremely reasonable prices. It was...
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    Rear 95 black sc bumper

    In good shape. Was never in an accident from the back. Could use paint bit in good condition. $100
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    NEED hydroboost brakes

    i have a 91 s.c. and the hydroboost brakes are faling. the pump in it runs continuously and killed my car. it doesnt build up pressure for brakes to work. so im assuming im going to need the entire booster. so if anyone knows where i can get one or has one that would be great. if it must be...
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    this guy wanted me to send a check to his house without any confirmation what so ever and he would send the part to me. i suggested that we do a c.o.d. so that no one gests messed over and he told me to find the part somewhere else and quit talking to me. i just wanted to put this up to let...
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    Jbl radio

    Lookin for the stock 91 jbl radio for my sc. Please, thanks :)
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    Supercharger oil

    I'm not sure if this is the correct place to post this but I just bought another 91 sc and I am restoring her, but I can not find the oil for the supercharger and I am unsure of how to properly flush and fill it. Any help or advise would be great! Thanks. :)