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    1994 Black 5-spd $8000

    Ford Thunderbird Supercoupe Grey Leather Interior/Black exterior 1994 5-spd manual ~145K miles Shelbyville, IN $8000 I've owned this car for the past 12 years, so I know quite a bid about it's recent service history. I picked the car up in Ann Arbor, Michigan in the spring of 2010, also I...
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    1994 Thunderbird SC, 94k Miles

    Ford Thunderbird SuperCoupe Gray Interior, Black Exterior 1994 4 speed auto 94,000 Located in Fallon NV 6000 A customer sold us this car after a previous mechanic put the wrong harmonic balancer on and it shook. It was parked and let sit for years. We installed the correct balancer and we...