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    M5R2 wrong input shaft?

    I have ordered an input shaft from cobra transmissions and I had quickly mesured the one I had from my 1989 supercoupe m5r2 I have behind my 5.0 and it was around 11 inches. I received the 11 inch shaft I ordered and realized the stock input shaft is 1/8th shorter and the pilot bearing journal...
  2. X

    Build Input - '94 5-speed

    Hey All, So I'm in the process of accumulating parts in an effort to fix up my '94 5 speed SC. The general objective is to turn it into something that handles well, has some extra 'oomph' and is comfortable to ride in. Hoping to be in the 300+ RWHP area, but doesn't necessarily need to break...
  3. D


    I recently purchased a 91 sc, and am having lots of problems. First off, at idle the gage shows low oil pressure. Second. The person before me cut out the cats and replaced with flex pipe. I can’t find a new downpipe anywhere. Any ideas on where to find one? 3rd, have a missfire. Think it’s...
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    Saint Augustine FL, qualified mechanic needed!

    I've been through absolute hell here trying to get my 87 turbo coupe 2.3 turbo 5 speed repaired. I won't even go into it yikes! Please if you have the equipment to diagnose, find the exact problem and fix it I'll pay for the repair. 904 466 8375.