1. FurryWrecker911

    Operation: Replace Fuel Injectors is underway

    The weather has gotten really nice here, so I finished my work day early and got into the nitty-gritty of getting the '89 running after getting that misfire on injector 6 over and over again. It only took me an hour and a half to get the supercharger out of the way, so I must be getting better...
  2. FurryWrecker911

    Advice, Steps, and Torque Values for removing the motor mounts?

    1989 Super Coupe. Finally got all the riff raff out of the way to get to the driver's side motor mounts. Does anyone have any "order of operation" I should go in, along with tools I should use, and other tidbits of advice? Also what are the torque values? Only one I caught was the frame bolt...
  3. J

    Saint Augustine FL, qualified mechanic needed!

    I've been through absolute hell here trying to get my 87 turbo coupe 2.3 turbo 5 speed repaired. I won't even go into it yikes! Please if you have the equipment to diagnose, find the exact problem and fix it I'll pay for the repair. 904 466 8375.