1 Less FL SC (maybe)


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Well, the enviable has happened. The SC's engine has let loose the other week. Sounds like the main bearings have expired. Contemplating the options, rebuild the short block or just selling the car as is. It has been a good run. Damn, the motor was just getting broken in, almost 300K :D
Maybe time to move on to something different.


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Sorry to hear Glenn, very sucky...hits close to home since my mileage is right up there with you...*keeping fingers crossed*...best wishes.


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Well, a bit of good news this weekend. After removing the motor & tearing it down, all appears to not be as bad as expected. Even though it had 292,000 miles, all the bearings looked pretty good. Cylinders all looked real good. What didn't look so good was the intake lifter on #4. No needle bearings remained and the cam lobe was messed up. Also when removing the oil pump, one of the screws popped the casting when it was loosened.
So, going to need a timing cover or have the original fixed. Need a new cam & lifter set. The rest will be standard machine shop work, re-hone the block, install new cam, main & rod bearings. New rings, timing gear/chain set. New oil pump & have the block decked & heads freshened up.

Anyone have a good stock cam & timing cover :D


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Anyone have a good stock cam & timing cover :D

As discussed this past weekend, here are the stock cam specs. Not as many different cams as I originally thought. My memory is going faster as I age.

I have a 90 Auto cam if you want it. I won't be using it. I also have the lifters but personally wouldn't put 100,000+ ones in my rebuilt engine. :D

Factory CAM Specs
89 Manual

Intake .448", 194° @ .050", ICL 106°
Exhaust .457", 202° @ .050", LDA 110°

89 Auto, 90 thru 93 All

Intake .445", 192° @ .050", ICL 108°
Exhaust .457", 198° @ .050", LDA 113.5°

94 thru 95 All

Intake .427", 214° @ .050", ICL 113°
Exhaust .443", 180° @ .050", LDA 105.5°

No mistake, Intake duration is longer than Exhaust on the late cams. The '89 manual cam is the best of the bunch.



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Bryan & RJ,
Thanks for the offers. Before I had a chance to read the replies to this thread, David Dalke offered both in VG condition, so I purchased on the spot.
I really appreciate the offers!


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Picked up the block, crank & heads from the machine shop yesterday. All parts needed to re-assemble have arrived, so the re-assembly begins this weekend. Hopefully progress goes well and by Sunday evening it will look like an SC motor again.

Brad Klein

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great news Glenn looks like it will make the Bradenton Ford show before mine :cool:
I will say I have been working more the past couple months on mine than I have in a long time but I think the bugs finally hit me it wouldnt start last weekend so its either out of gas, bad gas or I hit the fuel shutoff but right now I cant get to it to check it


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Motor assy completed a week ago Sunday & I dropped it in late this past Saturday afternoon. Just a few more things to attach & I should be ready to crank it up this coming Saturday Afternoon.
Yea :D

Brad Klein

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awesome news Glenn wish I had the same luck the switch wasn't tripped and I put gas in it still no start looks like I'm gonna have to dig a little deeper

did you pretty much rebuild it to stock specs


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Here is the list of stuff I did to it;
polish crank
had the block honed just enough to assist with ring break-in, boiled & new galley & expansion plugs installed
new rings, new bearings though-out
good used stock crank & timing cover crank (thanks David D.!)
new roller lifters, rockers, valve springs & high volume oil pump, all Melling brand parts
MLS head gaskets, new timing chain, gears & tensioner
A couple of pistons wrist pins were removed & pistons honed a bit to free up the pin action.
Checked crank & cam thrust as assembly progressed. Everything within tolerances.

All total so far between parts & machine shop labor, around $1600.00 invested. Should be good for another 200k or so. :D