10% Overdrive and cam, Tune required?


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Basically, I bought a 1990 SC and am rebuilding the engine. Not looking to go too crazy on it in terms of performance, just a little boost would be nice.
Was thinking about throwing a mild cam in and adding a 10% overdrive pulley and was wondering how far I could get while remaining within the stock tunes capabilities. If I end up needing to tune it, would swapping over to the later 36# injectors off the bat be a good idea for this setup?



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The 10% overdrive will make a lot of heat. You will feel an improvement when you nail the throttle which will quickly go away as the ACTs will spike and your computer will pull a ton of timing. I dont think the cam will hurt anything as the stock cam is very mild. As for tuning I would contact David Dalke as he is the king of tuning here



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Yes you would need a tune. If you go with those 2 parts do a front mount intercooler and some larger injectors probably at least 42lbs. Also do some better valve springs.

XR7 Dave

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Don't buy that cam, it's awful. But with the right custom grind and the 10% it will run really well.