168,000 mile 94 5spd SC Black $3900 UT


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Vin 1FALP64R1RH143824 Salt Lake, UT

Black exterior, clear coat has faded. Leather interior. Front seats have both suffered seat bottom tears, otherwise intact. Sunroof, original radio, and tinted windows. Rare year manual 5 speed for the SC. Registered, clean title in hand, UT emissions compliant certificate passed 07/2021. Except for the windshield all original glass matches the vin#. Accident free clean Carfax. Currently averaging 22mpg highway.

Add-ons include:
Magnum Powers MP2 Inlet Plenum (aluminum cast)
MP 85mm throttle body
85mm intake tube
AEM dryflow filter
BHJ harmonic balancer
March underdrive aluminum crank pulley
Intercooler solid nylon gasket inserts
Shortened AC condenser (for increased intercooler flow)
Stoptech rotors and pads
Koni sport adjustable rear struts

4th owner, since 2009. Used it as a daily driver for 5 to 6 years. Beginning in 2017 I began using another car and focusing on some maintenance on this one. My family has gotten bigger so I have mostly been using my SUV for kids and so the SC has not been driven much for the past few years - see the carfax. Since 2017 I did several part replacements, many receipts on hand.

Replaced items/ Maintenace:
Clutch at 155,000 miles
New Water pump
New Power steering pump
New spark plugs and plug wires
New thermostat
New alternator
Accessory belt replaced
Supercharger and Jack shaft belts replaced
Dana ujoints installed on the driveshaft
Typical fluid changes on oil, coolant and brake fluud.

It has 2 lights going off (neither impact the cars ability to pass UT emissions testing):
SRS sequence 51 (failed srs control module)
Check Engine - throttle position sensor out of range (due to 85mm throttle body, can be addressed with an engine tune. Was considering the efidynotuning website and the use of a quarterhorse programming unit, but there are many known routes to address this) currently still using the stock MAF.

There are obvious odds and ends that need TLC for a car of this age. Door handle loose, sunroof slider a bit wonky, radio antennae broken off (from a rogue deer believe it or not on UT hwy 150), small oil leak. Please message me for any questions you have.

Inclusions are the original intake components, new rear hub bearings, aluminum underdrive water pump pulley, and alternator pulleys, original crank pulley, and other parts. 2 rims with mounted winter tires. Original owners manual and Haynes shop manual.

Text Jacob - 801-652-1805


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More pics


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If you're interested let me know, flexible on price.

It's now on ebay, 10 day listing