1989-1993 SC, Oxford White, black interior, keyless entry


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Hello everyone,

I will check this thread every week until further notice.
Most important priorities are listed first:

1989-1993 Super Coupe
Oxford White paint
Black Interior
Keyless Entry

Can be Auto or Manual Transmission

I am located in Wisconsin.
If you are located near Canton, Georgia, let me know because I have connections there.

The more of these the better, but only if previous criteria are met:

1) Prefer 1993 model year because I don’t want the Teves MKII ABS brakes with accumulator balls. A big preference but not a requirement.

2) MOONROOF (This is important to me, but if you don’t have a moonroof, I’ll just put a custom moonroof decal on the roof that looks like one).

3) A real “SC” embossed front Super Coupe bumper cover. Otherwise I want the bumper cover to have a Ford license plate bracket to hide the fact it does not have “SC” embossed. This is not a deal-breaker, just a preference.

4) LEATHER interior with fold-down rear seat. I’ll take accept cloth seats as long as the interior is black.
Also prefer 1989-1991 interior door panels with stainless steel trim, but 1992-1993 style is acceptable.

I also prefer the Passive Seatbelts, but I won’t turn down active (non-motorized) seatbelts found in Canadian Thunderbirds.

Moonroof sun visors with lights preferred but any black MN12 sun-visors are ok (reason I mention is in case someone has spares and/or they are not installed).

Prefer Automatic Electronic Climate Control air conditioning, but this is totally optional.

Cruise Control a plus.

1992-1993 SC-style trunklid with LED decklid reflectors. Needs to be all-red; 1996-1997 all-red tail lights/decklid reflectors are ok too.
1989-1991 SC all-red tail lights and decklid reflectors acceptable. I’ll accept a car with wrong taillights/reflectors (with black at the bottom) only because it is easy to change. All-red is important to me.

1996-1997 Factory Ford Thunderbird Sport spoilers with 3rd brake light a plus.

1992+ fuel tank 18 gallon (I want true-dual exhaust, but I can deal with it myself if 19 gallon or I’ll just keep it single exhaust).

Cornering lamps in front bumper cover (turns on with turn signals)

I also want the car to have the factory ground effects and black trim on the fenders, doors, and quarter panels (looks like a stock 1989-1993 Super Coupe).

The rims can be Super Coupe or not, I will just transfer mine if they aren’t.

NOTE: If you made changes to your car, like converting to an 18-gallon fuel tank, installed dual exhaust, installed dual caliper pistons, swapped trunklids, please let me know. I’m all about the appearance and performance, what the car came with from the factory is secondary to me over having what I need. If you repainted the car Oxford White, I’m ok with it if the paint is good.

If you have a car that has all my requirements and first 3-4 preferences, let me know even if you are not currently planning on selling it. I just want to know who has one in case they might want to sell it in the future.

Feel free to PM me at any time and/or to ask questions in this thread.

Rick Leuce